Postgraduate Research Code of Practice

Postgraduate Research Code of Practice

Download: PGR Code of Practice 2016-17 (revised for September 2016)

The University of Glasgow recognises that research students make a vital contribution to our institution’s research output, culture and international reputation as a dynamic, competitive, research-led university.

The University has agreed that some aspects of a postgraduate research student’s experience are common across all disciplines.  The University’s Graduate Schools have therefore developed a Postgraduate Research (PGR) Code of Practice, which sets out guidelines to students and staff about the most effective practice for each stage in a postgraduate student’s life.  These are the expected standards that all staff and students should maintain. 

It is important to us, therefore, that postgraduate research students:

  • receive the highest quality of support from University staff;
  • have access to the correct information to facilitate the satisfactory completion of their research;
  • carry out their responsibilities appropriately; and
  • be aware of the roles and responsibilities of their supervisors and other University staff.

Summary of important changes to the 16/17 Code of Practice

  • Update to Section 2 to clarify that consideration of appropriate support for students who intend to be based away from Glasgow should be given at the point of admission to a research degree.
  • Update to Section 5 on Supervision to clarify that students or supervisors of students learning or working 'at a distance' from Glasgow should be aware of the challenges in providing support and preventing feelings of isolation.
  • Updates to Section 8 on Submission and Final Examination to clarify that while the minimum period of registration for part time PhDs is 50% of full time, individual progress and participation may vary and a student may need to be registered for longer than the minimum period to complete their programme.
  • A new Section 10 on Research Data Management and updates to Section 11 (Publications Arising from Research) and 13 (Roles and Responsibilities at Glance) to incorporate changes relating to research data management.