Mobile devices

Mobile devices

IMPORTANT: PHONE CHARGES. IT Services does not charge you to use this service but you may incur charges from your mobile phone Network provider. Charges may be particularly high from outside the UK. Contact your Network provider for further information regarding charges.
The University of Glasgow is not responsible for any charges you may incur when using this service.

Please note: Due to the diversity of mobile devices we are unable to offer comprehensive support for them.
However to assist you we have created a set of email connection instructions:


TIP: Changing your GUID password will change it for your mobile device settings too. You will need to enter the new password on your device.

Smartphone and tablet security advice

Smartphone and tablet security advice

Set a PIN to protect your device from unauthorised use.

Your smartphone and tablet are likely to contain a lot of confidential information about you, perhaps even your bank details.

Treat your smartphone like your wallet or purse.
Treat your tablet like your laptop.

There are many ways you can increase the security of your smartphone and tablet:

  • Set a PIN to protect your device from unauthorised use.
  • Set a timeout to lock your device.

Devices which use 'Activesync' (iOS, Windows mobile, some Androids) to connect to your University email can be remotely wiped using the appropriate email web interface.

  • Be careful which apps you install and what permissions you give them.
  • If you use GPS location services, be aware of what information they share.
  • Keep in mind the email security rules: these apply whatever device you're using.
  • Backup the information on your device.
  • Keep a copy of your IMEI number (if applicable) in case of loss or theft.
  • At end of its life, dispose of your device securely.