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Information, help and advice

The University has adopted Exchange as its email server system in order to meet its requirements for email and collaboration, with Microsoft Outlook as its primary preferred corporate client.

  • Windows: Outlook 2010 and 2007.
    Outlook is the preferred client as it is designed for Exchange, it provides all of the functions and features that our email system offers. Outlook is part of  Microsoft Office
  • Mac: Outlook 2011. Providing slightly less functionality than Outlook but  still makes use of many of the Exchange features. This is the preferred client for Mac.
  • Internet Clients/Browsers: The University provides Outlook Web App (OWA) as its internet-based client for Exchange  This provides most of the functionality of Exchange, but through a web-client instead, which can be accessed from any platform from any computer, most smartphones and tablets. The recommended browser is Internet Explorer (IE).

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