Laptops and netbooks
(Windows(incl. tablets), Macintosh OSX and Linux)


  • eduroam Recommended- Secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community
  • VPN Flexaccess Use to access 'Campus only' resources for Windows, Macs and Linux. Works off campus too (internet connection required).

University email configuration

Remote desktop service
Access University standard and common applications and your filestore data on a remote computer over a network. Works on or off campus without VPN. Network connection required.

Smartphone and Tablet security advice

Use a PIN to protect your devices from casual unauthorised use.
(do this right now)

Smartphones and tablets may contain a lot of confidential information, possibly including banking details.

Treat a smartphone like your wallet or purse.
Treat a  tablet like your laptop.

Steps that can be taken to increase the security of your smartphone:

  • Use a PIN to protect the phone/tablet from casual unauthorised use. (do this right now)
  • Set a timeout to lock the device.
  • Consider configuring remote wiping. Some manufacturers provide remote wiping as a service. Contact your supplier for details

DID YOU KNOW?  Devices which use 'Activesync' (iOS, Windows mobile, some Androids) to connect to your University email can be remotely wiped using the appropriate email web interface
(at ) under options > mobile

  • Be careful which apps you install and the permissions you give them.
  • If you configure GPS location services, be aware of what information they share.
  • Email security rules apply for smartphones and tablets.
  • Keep a copy of your IMEI number (if applicable)in case of loss or theft.
  • Backup the information on your devices.
  • Ensure secure disposal of your devices at end of life.