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Wifi access using eduroam.

Updated 29/07/2015
If you have used the eduroam auto setup tool (aka wifisetup, cloudpath, xpressconnect) then you will need to run the tool again BEFORE 18th August 2015. Visit the eduroam home page for details.

IT Helpdesk has moved

09:10 16/07/2015
The IT Helpdesk has moved to the Library Level 4 annexe (near the Islay and Jura training labs).
Please note that the main entrance to the Library will temporarily move to the right of its current location.

Email Security advice

The Internet is currently awash with bogus emails containing viruses or malicious code, often relating to invoices and appearing to come from businesses, banks, HMRC, Royal Mail and other carriers , friends and colleagues, etc.
Please treat ALL unsolicited email with suspicion, regardless of whether or not the sender appears to be an organisation or person that you think that you can trust.
Find out more about what you need to do

If you are in any doubt about whether opening something is safe, contact the IT Helpdesk.