IT Helpdesk



Wifi access using eduroam.

Updated 18/08/2015
If you are having an issue connecting to eduroam (aka wifisetup, cloudpath, xpressconnect) please visit the eduroam home page and run the autosetup tool.

Business systems downtime

09:00-13:00 01/09/2015
The following services will be unavailable on Wednesday 1st of September 2015 from 09:00 to 13:00 to allow an essential hardware repair to take place.
* All timetabling services (CMIS, Timetables & Room Bookings web app, Timetables mobile app)
* External Examiners System
* Legacy Student Records services (BI Query SR Legacy Models, WebSURF, DOAS)

Teamviewer 10

Updated 11/08/2015
SSD users may notice a new blue icon in their desktop/Start menu, called "TeamViewer 10 Host". This has been added to SSD machines to allow better, secure remote support from university IT support staff.

This support method is secure; however, please treat any unsolicited offers of IT support with suspicion. You should satisfy yourself that the person offering you support is a genuine member of University staff (e.g. is calling from a University extension or is known to you personally