IT Helpdesk



Turnitin Issue

11:17 21/08/14
We continue to have intermittent issues with Turnitin reports not being generated for work submitted through Moodle.

Please contact your course convener if your originality report is missing.

Pull Printing: Resolved

Updated 12:00
The issue with Pullprinting has now been resolved.

If you continue to experience any problems, please try restarting your PC, and printer. If you still cannot print after doing this, please contact the Helpdesk.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Email security advice

If you receive an email from any source asking for your account details do NOT reply to it and do NOT click on any embedded web links.
The University will NEVER ask you for a password in an email.

If in doubt contact the Helpdesk for advice.

Horde email service

Updated 20/08/2014
This service will be discontinued after 31st October 2014.

Staff should now contact their local IT support to arrange the migration of their account on this system to the University exchange system before this date.

SSD users who also use student computer clusters

Updated 16:04 15/05/2014
SSD users who also use student computer clusters (CSCE) should check which printer they are printing to while using SSD after using a cluster machine.
This is due to a known issue in printer drive mappings being 'carried over' and you could potentially print to a student cluster printer from your SSD machine. Microsoft are aware of this issue and are investigating a solution.