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IT Services Easter holiday arrangements

17:00 17/04/2014 - 09:00 22/04/2014
IT Services will close at 17:00 on Thursday 17th April until 09:00 on Tuesday 22nd April for the Easter holiday.
Please be aware that over the holiday, central systems and networks will be available but support staff may not. However, efforts will be made to deal with any major faults should they occur during this period.
Colleges, Services and individuals are advised to minimise the amount of critical computing activity undertaken over the holiday period, and to ensure that all backups have taken place before the 17th April 2014.

Please also remember to turn off any non-essential equipment before you leave for the Easter holiday.

Heartbleed Bug

UPDATED: 16:00 15/04/2014
Over the past week you may have heard in the news about a security flaw known as the "The Heartbleed Bug" affecting passwords and other sensitive data.

Changing passwords from time to time is good practice and now may be a good time to change your password.
You can change your GUID password by clicking the 'Change' link under Passwords above.

Also please note:
- Beware of emails asking you to change your password by clicking on a link. The University would NEVER ask you to change your password by clicking on a link in an email and such emails are almost certainly attempts to fraudulently get access to your GUID.
- You should change your GUID password at least once a year and the Information Policy and Strategy committee (IPSC) have recently approved mandatory annual password changes to take effect in the not too distant future.
- If you have used your GUID password on external services such as Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, etc. (which we strongly advise against) then you should change your GUID password now.

MyCampus availability

07.00 26/04/2014 - 08:30 28/04/2014
MyCampus will be unavailable from 07.00 hours(BST) on Saturday, 26th April 2014 to 08.30 hours(BST) on Monday, 28th April 2014 to allow for essentia maintenance.

Email Security advice

The Internet is currently awash with bogus emails containing viruses or malicious code, appearing to come from Royal Mail and other carriers, banks, Skype, scanners and copiers, friends and colleagues.
Find out what you need to do

If you are in any doubt about whether opening something is safe, contact IT Helpdesk.

SSD users who also use student computer clusters

11:37 02/12/2013
SSD users who also use student computer clusters (CSCE) should check which printer they are printing to while using SSD after using a cluster machine.
This is due to a known issue in printer drive mappings being 'carried over' and you could potentially print to a student cluster printer from your SSD machine. Microsoft are aware of this issue and are investigating a solution.