Professor Simon Newman

  • Professor (History)

telephone: 01413303585

Research interests

The social and political history of early America, with particular reference to the American Revolution; the early modern British Atlantic world; the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the development of plantation slavery; historical and modern understandings of American history and society.

Awarded The British Association for American Studies Book Prize for A New World of Labor: The Development of Plantation Slavery in the British Atlantic (2013).

Latest publications:


  • ‘Agli amici dei Diritti dell’Uomo. Thomas Paine e le origini della politica Americana,’ in L'età di Thomas Paine. Dal senso comune alle libertà civili americane, eds. Marco Sioli and Matteo Battistini (Milan: FrancoAngeli, 2011), 113-123.
  • ‘Incarcerated Innocents: Inmates, Conditions, and Survival Strategies in Philadelphia’s Almshouse and Jail.’ Co-authored with Billy G. Smith, and forthcoming in Buried Lives: Incarcerated in Early America, ed. Michele Lisle Tarter and Richard Bell (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2012), 60-84.


  • 'Interdisciplinary approach to the demography of Jamaica.' Co-authored with Michael L Deason, Antonio Salas, Vincent A Macaulay, Errol Morrison, and Yannis P Pitsiladis. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 12: 24 (February 2012):


Professor Newman talks about his new book


Research grants, 2005-present

  • 2005  British Academy Research Readership, 2005-2007 - £58,828.00
  • 2005  Barra Foundation International Fellowship($3,000) - £1,856.00
  • Library Company of Philadelphia
  • 2005  Nuffield Foundation, Social Sciences Small Grant - £7,028.00
  • 2005  Carnegie Trust Research Grant - £1,670.00
  • 2006  Leverhulme Trust, Research Fellowship - £1,872.00
  • 2006  British Academy, Larger Research Grant - £34,418.00
  • 2006  Early American Economy and Society Postdoctoral Award - £12,366.00
  • Library Company of Philadelphia - $20,000 (Declined)
  • 2006  John Carter Brown Library, Research Fellowship, Brown - £22,283.00
  • University - $36,000 (Declined)
  • 2007  Embassy of the United States, Research Grant - £1,500.00
  • 2007  Visiting Fellowship, Eccles Centre, British Library - £2,000.00
  • 2009  Research Workshop Award, Royal Society of Edinburgh - £8,500.00
  • 2010  Leverhulme Trust, Major Research Fellowship (2010-12) - £86,296.00
  • 2011  Coca Cola Residential Fellowship, Center for Jefferson - £3,713.00
  • Studies, Monticello - $6,000
  • July-September 2011  Research Fellowship, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington D.C. - $6,000
  • 2014  Research Grant, Carnegie Trust - £2,500
  • 2014  Project Grant, Leverhulme Trust, 'Runaway Slaves in Britain: Bondage, Freedom and Race in the Eighteenth Century' - £291,327

TOTAL: £540,157


  • Sam Maddra, ‘“Hostiles”: Lakota Ghost Dancers and the 1891/92 Tour of Britain by Buffalo Bill's Wild West’ (PhD, 2003). Bradley Jones, ‘The American Revolution and the Popular Political Culture of Loyalism in the British Atlantic World’ (PhD, 2006)
  • Jeffrey Farley, ‘Making America's music: Jazz history and the Jazz Preservation Act’ (PhD, 2008).
  • Jackie Cahif, ‘"She supposes herself cured": Almshouse women, prostitution and venereal disease in Early National Philadelphia’ (Economic and Social Research Council 1+3 Award).
  • Felicity Donohoe, ‘Native North American Women's Relations with European Men in the Eighteenth Century’ (Carnegie Trust Three Year PhD Scholarship). Currently holding a Dissertation Fellowship at the McNeil Center for Early American Studies, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Graeme Thomson, ‘Inheriting a Legacy; The Influence of the Founding Era on American Political Discourse.’ (AHRC Block Grant Three Year Award).

Currently supervising

  • Stephen Mullen, ‘The Glasgow West India Interest and Compensation for Slaves, 1790-1850.’ (Economic and Social Research Council, 1+3 Award).
  • Nicole Cassie,'Coming Home: the gendered experienced of American medical personnel who served in the Vietnam War'


Undergraduate courses

  • From Pocahontas to Post-Feminism: Women and Gender in American History
  • The Vietnam War in American History and Culture
  • The American Revolution (Special Subject)
  • The Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Origins of Plantation Slavery (Special Subject)
  • The Early American Republic

Postgraduate courses

  • American Studies Core Course A, and Core Course B
  • American Society and Culture Between the World Wars
  • The Vietnam War in American History and Culture