MRes in Human Geography Scholarships

Offered by the Human Geography Research Group (HGRG) at the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences (GES), University of Glasgow (UoG)




We are pleased to announce that for the academic session 2017-2018, we will be able to offer 7 (seven!) fees-only Scholarships for students wishing to take the MRes in Human Geography. We are not able to cover the full fee, unfortunately, or to provide a stipend to cover living expenses.  There are 3 options here:


(1) 3 x £5,000 Scholarships - where GES will pay £5,000 towards your fees (which this year are £7,250 in total, and hence GES is agreeing to pay a substantial proportion of that amount);

(2) 2 x £5,000 Scholarships - on the same basis as (1) above - but with the added specification that these two awards are for students who commit to focussing their MRes dissertation work on the theme of ‘Stressed Environments and Communities’ (SEC: taking seriously both natural landscapes and socio-cultural processes). This is a particular emerging research theme of the HGRG in GES, linking across to the Earth Systems Research Group (ESRG): see information about this theme on the School website here:

(3) 2 x £5,000 Scholarships - also on the same basis as (1) above - but with the added specification that these two awards are for students who commit to focussing their MRes dissertation work on the theme of ‘Urban Geography’ and linking across to another HGRG theme of ‘Space, Politics and the Urban’ (SPU: taking seriously phenomena, processes and practices of the city and its occupants). See information about this theme on the School website here:


To clarify, that means we are offering an unprecedented 7 Part-Fees-Paid Scholarships to support students on the MRes.  The awarding of these Scholarships will be competitive, based chiefly upon student performance in undergraduate degree programmes, and hence we will not be able to make decisions until later in July when we gain full information about student degree performance.

If you wish to be considered for option (1), one of the basic 3 x £5,000 Scholarships, then you simply make the normal application through the University of Glasgow Taught Postgraduate online application system, with no additional documentation specifying research interests.  Please ensure that your application arrives and is logged on the system, with all necessary additional material such as references and transcripts, by Friday 23rd June, 2017.

If you wish to be considered for option (2) and/or (3), one of the 4 x £5,000 Scholarships tagged as either SEC or Urban Geography themes (you could indeed apply to both), then in addition to the standard online application (which you may already have submitted) you also need to submit (electronically) a three page MRes dissertation proposal on a form designed for this purpose to Professor Chris Philo (at by Friday 23rd June, 2017. You would need to submit two different forms if you wished to be considered under both option (2) and option (3).

You are welcome to discuss your ideas for an MRes dissertation proposal in advance with any member of the Human Geography Research Group here at the University of Glasgow (see our staff list and associated personal webpages accessible from the main School webpages). For these latter awards, while quality of degree performance will be paramount, we will nonetheless also factor in our evaluation of your proposal and its fit with either our SEC or our Urban theme. It is possible that students applying under options (2) and/or (3) could still be given an award under option (1).

These scholarships are open to all applicants, Home/EU and ‘Overseas’, although we acknowledge that the £5,000 will go much further to cover the cost of a Home/EU fees than it will to cover the cost of an ‘Overseas’ fee.

More generally, if you wish to speak to me - Chris Philo (at - about the MRes in Human Geography, then please do not hesitate to e-mail and we can either speak on the e-waves or meet up in person.


Timelines clarified

Friday 23rd June, 2017: all standard online applications (with supporting materials) must have been uploaded on to the University of Glasgow Taught Postgraduate online application system by this date.  It will automatically be assumed that all such applications are eligible for award of one of our basic Scholarships.

Friday 23rd June, 2017: any students also wishing to make an application tagged to the SEC and/or Urban themes (but not both) must have sent through a completed MRes dissertation proposal on the relevant form to by this date.

Between the above and below dates, we will be receiving updated information about degree results/performances of some students (you are advised to update Chris Philo directly with this information).

Wednesday 26th July, 2017: deadline for decisions to be made on the allocation of Scholarships, with the objective of informing all applicants (successful, unsuccessful and possibly ‘reserves’). 

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