Professor Mike Macmahon

  • Honorary Professorial Research Fellow (English Language)

telephone: 0141-9428611

Research interests

Research interests

  • Phonetics of English 
  • Experimental phonetics
  • Forensic phonetics
  • Germanic philology
  • History of phonetics and linguistics
  • Speech and language pathologies
  • The use of computers in teaching and research


A list of publications is available here.


Professor Mike MacMahon is Emeritus Professor of Phonetics and Honorary Professorial Research Fellow in the Department of English Language. He received a Teaching Excellence Award from the University in 2008. His specialisms include the phonetics of English; experimental phonetics; older Germanic languages; the history of phonetics and linguistics; language pathology; the use of computers in teaching and research. He also carries out, as one of a small panel of Expert Witnesses in his field, forensic phonetic analyses for police forces and legal firms thoughout the UK.

He is the author of many articles on the history of phonetics and linguistics, language pathology and dialectology, together with a phonetics textbook and software for teaching Old Icelandic. Some recent publications include a major contribution on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century pronunciation in the latest volume of the Cambridge History of the English Language (1999), an assessment of the work of the Liverpool phonetician, Richard John Lloyd (2007), and several contributions to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, (2004-).  He is currently completing an Analytical Index to the Publications of the International Phonetic Association, and working on a critical biography of Henry Sweet.

Professor MacMahon is President of the Henry Sweet Society, a Member of Council and former Treasurer of the International Phonetic Association, and Honorary Secretary and Archivist of the British Association of Academic Phoneticians.

Musical interests: Playing and researching the flute, singing.