Dr Megan Coyer

  • Lecturer (English Literature)

telephone: 01413304603
email: Megan.Coyer@glasgow.ac.uk

Research interests

Research Interests

*Literature and Medicine
*Medical Humanities
*Scottish Literature
*The Nineteenth-Century Periodical Press
*James Hogg
*Textual Editing
*Digital Humanities
  • Literature and Medicine
  • Medical Humanities
  • Scottish Literature
  • Romanticism
  • The Nineteenth-century Periodical Press
  • Textual Editing
  • Digital Humanities


Megan Coyer received her PhD in Scottish Literature from the University of Glasgow in 2010, with her thesis entitled, ‘The Ettrick Shepherd and the Modern Pythagorean: Science and Imagination in Romantic Scotland’. After completing her PhD, she worked as a Research Assistant on the Stirling/South Carolina Research Edition of The Collected Works of James Hogg and the Glasgow University Chancellor’s Fund and Carnegie Trust-funded Abbotsford Library Annotations Project. She also acted as the Project Assistant for the RSE/Scottish Government-funded Medical Humanities Research Network Scotland (MHRNS).

Her first degree is a B.S. in Neuroscience from Lafayette College (Easton, PA USA), where she was a recipient of a Goldwater Scholarship, the premier national undergraduate award of its type in the fields of mathematics, science, and engineering, and her current research is an amalgamation of her literary and scientific interests. 

Coyer was awarded a three-year Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship, which commenced in April 2012, for her research project, ‘The Medical Blackwoodians and Medico-literary Synergy in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical Press’. She examined the wide-ranging literary and medical careers of several Blackwoodian authors and the role of the Scottish periodical press in cross-fertilizing medical and literary ideas in the nineteenth century. The primary output of this project will be a monograph entitled, Literature and Medicine in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical Press: Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, 1817-1858.

Coyer is also beginning work on a scholarly edition of James Hogg's Contributions to Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country.


Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship: “The Medical Blackwoodians and Medico-literary Synergy in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical Press”. £132,151.

Wellcome Trust Medical History and Humanities Small Grant, "'Attentive Writers': Healthcare, Authorship, and Authority" (PI: Megan Coyer; Co-Is David Shuttleton, Gavin Miller, Elizabeth Reeder). £5,000.

Wellcome Trust Medical Humanities Small Grant, "Glasgow University Medical Humanities Network Website". £6,615


I am interested in receiving proposals for PhD projects relating to my research interests in Literature and Medicine and nineteenth-century literature.


In the English Literature subject area, Megan currently convenes the senior honours course, 'Literature and Medicine', and the Victorian M.Litt. topic course on 'Embodiments', and contributes to the junior honours course, 'Literature, 1780-1840', and pre-honours courses on 'Novels and Narratology' (1B) and 'Writing and Ideology' (2A).

She also contributes to the College of Arts Level 3 course on 'Writing in the Arts and Humanities' and the 'Principia Consortium' course on 'The Scottish Enlightenment'.


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