Information, Data and Analysis (IDA)

Information, Data and Analysis (IDA)

Information, Data and Analysis (IDA)

Professor Rod Murray-Smith, Section Lead, explains the work of the Information, Data and Analysis research section.


Technological advances in sensing, data acquisition, mobile devices and the impact of the Internet are leading to increasing amounts of data sampled more rapidly and comprehensively than ever before. If we are to acquire novel insights and knowledge from this data, it needs to be matched by innovations in data management, storage and retrieval and ultimately in data analytics. The many forms of data, their complexity and variations present challenges from information and data systems, to algorithms and inference about patterns through modelling, leading to visualisation, communication and human-computer interaction.

The Information, Data and Analysis Section is led by Professor Roderick Murray-Smith, and has 13 academics, and 35 Post-Doctoral Fellows, Research Assistants and Ph.D. students active in this area. Our research is organised in four world-leading groups in data systems, human-computer interaction & machine learning, information retrieval and computer vision & autonomous systems:

Section members


Professor Roderick Murray-Smith

Professor (Computing Science)

Research interests: Mobile Human Computer Interaction; Machine Learning; Brain Computer Interaction; Dynamic Systems; Probabilistic Inference

Roderick Murray-Smith

Professor Peter Triantafillou

Chair of Data Systems Engineering (School of Computing Science)

Research interests: Big Data Management Systems: NoSQL systems, index-based and Hadoop-style massively parallel data access, statistical structures and query processing and optimization; Cloud Infrastructures; Crowdsourcing to improve Data System Internals and Information/Knowledge Acquisition.

Peter Triantafillou

Professor Iadh Ounis

Professor of Information Retrieval (Computing Science)

Research interests: Web and enterprise search engines; Large-scale information retrieval systems; Opinion finding and results diversification; Searching and mining within electronic health records; Social media retrieval (blog, twitter, news, etc).

Iadh Ounis

Professor Joemon Jose

Professor of Information Retrieval (Computing Science)

Research interests: Adaptive and personalized search systems; Multimodal interaction for information retrieval; Emotion based Search and browsing; Temporal Information Retrieval; Search result diversification and aggregation; Recommendation and collaborative filtering

Joemon Jose

Dr Paul Siebert

Reader (Computing Science)

Paul Siebert

Dr Simon Rogers

Senior Lecturer (Computing Science)

Simon Rogers

Dr John Williamson

Lecturer (School of Computing Science)


Dr Ke Yuan

Lecturer in Computing Science (Machine Learning in Computational Biology) (Computing Science)


Dr Craig MacDonald

Lecturer (School of Computing Science)


Dr Nikos Ntarmos

Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow (School of Computing Science)

Research interests: data management, distributed systems, big data, indexing, query processing, NoSQL, graph data, scale out, scale up, databases, systems

Nikos Ntarmos

Dr Christos Anagnostopoulos


Big Data Research Fellow (Computing Science)


Research interests: Large-scale Mobile and Distributed Computing Systems, Machine and Statistical Learning, Stochastic Optimization

Christos Anagnostopoulos

Dr Bjorn Jensen

Lecturer in Computing Science( Applied Machine LEarning) (Computing Science)


Dr Gerardo Aragon Camarasa


Lecturer in Computing Science (Autonomous and Socially Intelligent Robotics) (Computing Science)

Research interests: My research is on in the multidisciplinary areas of robotics, socially aware machines, robot-robot interactions, chemical robotics, machine perception/vision and geometric algebras.

Gerardo Aragon Camarasa









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