Glasgow Interactive SysTems (GIST)

Glasgow Interactive SysTems (GIST)

Glasgow Interactive SysTems (GIST)

Professor Stephen Brewster, Section Lead, introduces the work of the Human-Computer Interaction research section, also known as GIST.


The Human Computer Interaction research section is also known as GIST (Glasgow Interactive SysTems). It is led by Professor Stephen Brewster. In our research we create and use novel, interactive systems to better understand, entertain, protect and support humans in their everyday lives. GIST is a research section made up of several research groups, including:

A lot of the research we undertake is collaborative and interdisciplinary. We work closely with other groups in Computing Science as well as other schools including Psychology and the Institute of Health and Wellbeing. We also work closely with other world leading Universities and many private and public sector organisations (recently: Aldebaran Robotics, Pufferfish, Bang and Olufsen, Freescale Semiconductor Inc., Glasgow City Council, Dynamically Loaded and Cisco Systems).

Section members

Academic Staff:

Prof Stephen A Brewster - Section Leader [staff page] [personal page] [wikipedia entry]

Prof Matthew J Chalmers [staff page] [personal page]

Dr Helen C Purchase [staff page] [personal page]

Dr Karen Renaud [staff page] [personal page]

Dr Alessandro Vinciarelli [staff page] [personal page]

Dr Julie Williamson [staff page] [personal page]

Dr Mary Ellen Foster [staff page] [personal page]


Research Staff:

Dr Parvin Asadzadeh [staff page] [personal page]

Dr Euan Freeman [staff page] [personal page]

Dr Alistair Morrison [staff page] [personal page]

Dr John Rooksby [staff page] [personal page]

Dr Mattias Rost [staff page] [personal page]

Alexander Ng [staff page] [personal page]

Dr Dong-Bach Vo [staff page] [personal page]

Dr Graham Wilson [staff page] [personal page]

Dr Doudou Tang [staff page] [personal page]

Dr Yolanda Vazquez-Alvarez [staff page] [personal page]


Research Students:

Ioannis Politis [staff page] [personal page]

Mark McGill [staff page] [personal page]

Matthew Jamieson [staff page] [personal page]

Gosel Shakeri [staff page] [personal page]

Rui Huan [staff page] [personal page]

Claire McCallum [staff page] [personal page]

Nora Alkaldi [staff page] [personal page]



MuMMER: MultiModal Mall Entertainment Robot (2016 – 2020) – Dr Mary Ellen Foster. Funded by EU Horizon 2020. 

Populations: A Software Populations Approach to UbiComp Systems Design (2011 – 2016) – Prof Matthew Chalmers. Funded by EPSRC.

EuroFIT: Social innovation to improve physical activity and sedentary behaviour through elite European football (2013-2017) – Prof Matthew Chalmers. Funded by EU FP7.

ABBI: Audio Bracelet for Blind Interaction (2014 – 2017) – Prof Stephen Brewster. Funded by EU FP7

HAPPINESS: Haptic Printed Patterned Interfaces for Sensitive Surfaces (2015 – 2018) – Prof Stephen Brewster. Funded by EU Horizon 2020. 


Seminar series

GIST seminars are usually held on Thursdays. Everyone from the University of Glasgow and beyond is welcome to attend these talks - see the Events tab for more details. We are happy to hear from anyone that would like to visit us to give a talk.

The GIST coordinators are Dong-Bach Vo and John Rooksby.