Information Retrieval

The Information Retrieval group is a research group within the Information, Data and Analysis Section. The group has a long and strong research history in the process of information retrieval as a whole from theoretical modelling of the retrieval process to large-scale text retrieval systems building and to the interactive evaluation of multimedia information retrieval systems. The research interests of the group include:

- Theoretical modelling of IR systems
- Probabilistic retrieval
- Web information retrieval
- Implementation of large-scale IR systems
- Multimedia (Image, Video, Audio) information retrieval
- Intranet/Enterprise and Blog search
- Distributed and Peer-to-Peer retrieval
- User Modelling and the development of novel adaptive interaction techniques
- Evaluation of IR systems
- Text mining and knowledge discovery
- Multilingual information retrieval
- Semantic Web and information retrieval

The group maintains strong links with researchers in Machine Learning and Human-Computer Interaction, as well as with industry through knowledge and technology transfer

Current Projects:

  • SMART(Search engine for MultimediA environment geRenated contenT) is a research project funded by the European Commission's FP7 (number 287583).
  • COSS is is an EPSRC funded project (number EP/J020664/1). ls with finding novel events in streams such as Twitter, Wikipedia or Newswire, in real time. 

Past Projects

  • RAENG Fellowship
    Foundations research in information retrieval inspired by quantum theory.
    Prof C.J. van Rijsbergen, 2007-2012.

Academic Staff: Prof Joemon Jose,  Prof Iadh Ounis, Dr Craig Macdonald

Research Assistants and Research Students: Eugene Kharitonov,Mr Richard Mccreadie, Graham McDonald,Philip McParlane,Fajie Yuan, Colin Wilkie, David Maxwell, Long Chen, Rami Alkawaldeh, Andrew McMinn, Haitao Yu, Jorge Gonzalez-Paule, Xiao Yang, Anjie Fang, Stuart Mackie, Jarana Manotumruksa.

  • Theoretical development of probabilistic and logic-based models
  • multimedia IR systems
  • information analysis and access across media
  • evaluation and usability of IR systems
  • data mining of large data sets
  • Web information retrieval
  • citation/link analysis
  • implementation and evaluation of large-scale IR systems
  • performance prediction and optimisation
  • information retrieval in context
  • multilingual retrieval
  • interaction techniques based on implicit relevance feedback and summarisation
  • adaptive information retrieval
  • Intranet/Enterprise and Blog search

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This Week’s Events

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Past Events

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: how semantic trajectories and recommendations may help tourism. (22 August, 2016)

Speaker: Dr. Chiara Renso

Predicting Ad Quality for Native Advertisements (06 June, 2016)

Speaker: Dr Ke Zhou,

Efficient Web Search Diversification via Approximate Graph Coverage (25 April, 2016)

Speaker: Carsten Eickhoff

Searching for better health: challenges and implications for IR (04 April, 2016)

Speaker: Dr. Guido Zuccon

A Comparison of Primary and Secondary Relevance Judgements for Real-Life Topics (07 March, 2016)

Speaker: Dr Martin Halvey

Steps towards Profile-Based Web Site Search and Navigation (29 February, 2016)

Speaker: Prof. Udo Kruschwitz

Sentiment and Preference Guided Social Recommendation. (22 February, 2016)

Speaker: Yoke Yie Chen

Recent Advances in Search Result Diversification for the Web and Social Media (17 February, 2016)

Speaker: Ismail Sengor Altingovde

Practical and theoretical problems on the frontiers of multilingual natural language processing (16 February, 2016)

Speaker: Dr Adam Lopez

Information retrieval challenges in conducting systematic reviews (08 February, 2016)

Speaker: Julie Glanville

Learning to Hash for Large Scale Image Retrieval (14 December, 2015)

Speaker: Sean Moran

Building Effective and Efficient Information Retrieval Systems (26 June, 2015)

Speaker: Jimmy Lin

Analysing UK Annual Report Narratives using Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing (23 February, 2015)

Speaker: Mahmoud El-Haj

Compositional Data Analysis (CoDA) approaches to distance in information retrieval (20 February, 2015)

Speaker: Dr Paul Thomas

Users versus Models: What observation tells us about effectiveness metrics (16 February, 2015)

Speaker: Dr. Paul Thomas

Towards Effective Retrieval of Spontaneous Conversational Spoken Content (08 January, 2015)

Speaker: Gareth J. F. Jones

On Inverted Index Compression for Search Engine Efficiency (01 September, 2014)

Speaker: Matteo Catena

Adaptive Interaction (02 June, 2014)

Speaker: Professor Andrew Howes

Web-scale Semantic Ranking (16 May, 2014)

Speaker: Dr Nick Craswell

Optimized Interleaving for Retrieval Evaluation (28 April, 2014)

Speaker: Filip Radlinski

Composite retrieval of heterogeneous web search (24 March, 2014)

Speaker: Horatiu Bota

Query Auto-completion & Composite retrieval (17 March, 2014)

Speaker: Stewart Whiting and Horatiu Bota

Studying the performance of semi-structured p2p information retrieval (10 March, 2014)

Speaker: Rami Alkhawaldeh

Inside The World’s Playlist (23 February, 2014)

Speaker: Manos Tsagkias

Dublin City Search: An evolution of search to incorporate city data (24 November, 2013)

Speaker: Dr Veli Bicer, IBM Research Dublin

Economic Models of Search (18 November, 2013)

Speaker: Leif Azzopardi

Predicting Screen Touches From Back-of-Device Grip Changes (14 November, 2013)

Speaker: Faizuddin Mohd Noor

Online Learning in Explorative Multi Period Information Retrieval (11 November, 2013)

Speaker: Marc Sloan

Stopping Information Search: An fMRI Investigation (04 November, 2013)

Speaker: Eric Walden

Towards Technically assisted Sensitivity Review of UK Digital Public Records (21 October, 2013)

Speaker: Tim Gollins

Accelerating research on big datasets with Stratosphere (14 October, 2013)

Speaker: Moritz Schubotz

Validity and Reliability in Cranfield-like Evaluation in Information Retrieval (23 September, 2013)

Speaker: Julián Urbano

Exploration and contextualization: towards reusable tools for the humanities. (16 September, 2013)

Speaker: Marc Bron

Quantum Language Models (19 August, 2013)

Speaker: Alessandro Sordoni

Toward Models and Measures of Findability (21 July, 2013)

Speaker: Colin Wilkie

How cost affects search behaviour (21 July, 2013)

Speaker: Leif Azzopardi

[SICSA DVF] Language variation and influence in social media (15 July, 2013)

Speaker: Dr. Jacob Eisenstein

The Use of Correspondence Analysis in Information Retrieval (11 July, 2013)

Speaker: Dr Taner Dincer

A study of Information Management in the Patient Surgical Pathway in NHS Scotland (03 June, 2013)

Speaker: Matt-Mouley Bouamrane

Discovering, Modeling, and Predicting Task-by-Task Behaviour of Search Engine Users (20 May, 2013)

Speaker: Salvatore Orlando

Personality Computing (13 May, 2013)

Speaker: Alessandro Vinciarelli

Fast and Reliable Online Learning to Rank for Information Retrieval (06 May, 2013)

Speaker: Katja Hoffman

Entity Linking for Semantic Search (29 April, 2013)

Speaker: Edgar Meij

Query Classification for a Digital Library (18 March, 2013)

Speaker: Deirdre Lungley

Reusing Historical Interaction Data for Faster Online Learning to Rank for IR (12 March, 2013)

Speaker: Anne Schuth

Scientific Lenses over Linked Data: Identity Management in the Open PHACTS project (11 March, 2013)

Speaker: Alasdair Gray,

Modelling Time & Demographics in Search Logs (01 March, 2013)

Speaker: Milad Shokouhi

Time-Biased Gain (21 February, 2013)

Speaker: Charlie Clark

[IR] Searching the Temporal Web: Challenges and Current Approaches (04 February, 2013)

Speaker: Nattiya Kanhabua

Probabilistic rule-based argumentation for norm-governed learning agents (28 January, 2013)

Speaker: Sebastian Riedel

Context data in lifelog retrieval (19 November, 2012)

Speaker: Liadh Kelly

From Search to Adaptive Search (12 November, 2012)

Speaker: Udo Kruschwitz