Postgraduate research students

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  • Ahmad, Normahfuzah (Media and Cultural Policy)
    24-hour News Stations and Multifarious Challenges: Balancing Quality Journalism vs Audience Needs in Contemporary Media Milieu.
  • Al Abri, Abdul Nasser Ahmed Abdullah (Media and Cultural Policy)
    War reporting and military media management strategies in modern warfare.
  • Al-Ali, Wafa Khalfan Rashid Burenqain (Media and Cultural Policy)
    Local News Management in the Digital Era
  • Barron, Richard (Music)
    Setting Scots Poetry
  • Beattie, Alison (Music)
    MMus - Portfolio of Composition
  • Bellinetti, Maria Caterina (History ofArt)
    Building a Nation: The Construction of Modern China through CCP's Propaganda Images
  • Beshr, Hany (Film & TV Studies)
    Foreign policy in British political docudrama filmmaking (1991-2011)
  • Bin Mohamad Affendi, Muhammad Amin (Film & TV Studies)
    Nationalism and multiculturalism in Malaysian Cinema
  • Bols, Ingrid (Music)
    Programming choices and national culture. The case of French and British symphony orchestras.
  • brayard, frederic (Film & TV Studies)
    (Un)folding control, performance, real and virtual in French cinema:
  • Brennan, Mhairi (Film & TV Studies)
    Archiving the Referendum: The Scottish Independence Referendum 2014 and the BBC Scotland Television Archive
  • Buddle, Tessa (Theatre Studies)
    Utopia on Tour: exploring a contingent dramaturgy of utopia in contemporary touring theatre
  • Bull, Andrew (Music)
    The Music of the Scottish Church in the 13th and 14th Centuries
  • Carey, Richard (Music)
    Circling the Square: A practice-based interrogation of the phenomenological language of audiovisual music
  • Castle, Kerr (Film & TV Studies)
    Comfort TV - theorising the everyday use of TV as an apparatus for therapeutic reward, the restoration of identity, and other affects.
  • Chandler, Alex (Film & TV Studies)
    Testing the limits of the ?hard man? in film: masculinity and male health behaviour in Scotland?s public health films 1934-2000
  • Chavale, Areti (History ofArt)
    Artists' Resale Right and the Art Market: Evidence from British Art Auctions
  • Che Hassan, Abdul Hadi Bin (Media and Cultural Policy)
    The influence of mobile communications and second screen phenomena on Malaysian society.
  • Cleaver, Jonathan (History ofArt)
    Technical innovation and the development of carpet design in the Stoddard Templeton archives.
  • Clive, Rachel (Theatre Studies)
    Geodiversity and human difference: disability, landscape form and process
  • Colta, Alexandra (Film & TV Studies)
    Human Rights Film Festivals: Politics, Programmes and Practices
  • Daniels-Yeomans, Finn (Film & TV Studies)
    Beyond Representation: Documenting Traumas of the World Ecology
  • Dyson-moss, Gillian Elizabeth (Theatre Studies)
    Is there a contemporary feminist uncanny? An investigation into the relationship between object and performer in solo performance art.
  • Edwards, Clare (Media and Cultural Policy)
    Cultural Policy in Glasgow, 1970-1989
  • Hill, Katrina (History ofArt)
    Complicated Objects: Chinese Imperial Artefacts in Victorian Britain
  • Horner, Richard (Film & TV Studies)
    Uncanny Aesthetics; An overview of 21st Century Southern Gothic Media
  • Hsiao, Chihyin (China and Medieval Art)
    Owning China: The Material Life of London Tradesmen 1700-1750
  • Hu, Qiao (History ofArt)
    Materiality, Visuality, and Spatiality of Incense Culture in Ming Dynasty China
  • Jarvis, Andrew (Film & TV Studies)
    British Cinema, Neoliberalism and the Poetics of Crisis
  • Kamleitner, Katharina (Film & TV Studies)
    Negotiating Women?s Film Festivals on the Festival Circuit ? Theory and Practice
  • Karmy Bolton, Eileen Andrea (Music)
    Music and labour in Valpara
  • Kirton, Jon-Luke (Music)
    Investigating the other and the self, a phenomenological approach to pianist's lived experience of techniques in George Crumb's Makrokosmos I&II for amplified piano
  • Knotts, Jennifer (Theatre Studies)
    Play/writing histories: Navigating the Personal, Public and Institutional stories of theatre space: An Architextural study of the Citizens Theatre.
  • Lyon, Rachel (History ofArt)
    'Imitatio as method: reading, writing and the un-becoming of the mystic self'
  • MacDonald, Isobel (History ofArt)
    Sir William Burrell (1858-1961): the man and the collector
  • MANGO, CAROLYN (Film & TV Studies)
    Presence of African Women in the Screen Industry. A Case Study of Kenyan Women in the Screen Industry.
  • Marschall, Anika (Theatre Studies)
    Performing Human Rights
  • Maxwell, Hailey (History ofArt)
    Paris Between the Wars: Radical Art, Community and the Sacred
  • McBurney, Stephen (Film & TV Studies)
    Colour Cinema in Scotland, 1896-1916; The Materiality and Cultural Contexts of Colour Film in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness
  • McGregor, Aaron (Music)
    The violin in Scotland from its beginnings to 1750.
  • Millwood, Sasha (Music)
    The Music of Thea Musgrave: an analysis based on the archival sources
  • Muhid, Syamsul Hirdi Bin (Music)
    The Malaysian music reality TV stars and stardom: A case of Akademi Fantasia (AF) from 2003 - 2011
  • Neilson, Toby (Film & TV Studies)
    Ecological Futures: Contemporary Science-Fiction Cinema and The Anthropocene
  • Ngai, Kate (Media and Cultural Policy)
    No Longer Sidekicks: Female Fans of Superhero Television Shows
  • O'Neill, Erica (History ofArt)
    Tristan Tzara: Avant-Garde Performance and Exhibition Practice and the Emergence of the Performance/Theatre Dialectic.
  • Orleans, Elzbieta (Music)
    Apparition: The Adaptation of Archival Image and The Doctrine of Moral Rights in a Post-Digital Aesthetic
  • Peng, Yun (Film & TV Studies)
    Role of Gender: how does the eSports culture influence females' participation in eSports
  • Pollick, Johanna (History ofArt)
    The motif of the wound as a well in art, literature and devotional practice in late medieval England
  • Quercetti, Ferruccio (Music)
    The Great Italian Mistake First wave punk in Italy between 1977 and 1980
  • Rawlings, Angela Marie (Theatre Studies)
    Performing Geochronology in the Anthropocene: Siting Depths and Temporality along the North Atlantic Drift.
  • Ren, Baihua (History ofArt)
    The Water Mill ? Authentication of Jiehua
  • Rozsa, Laszlo (Music)
    The Art of Musical Conversation: Behavioural Attitudes in the Performance Practice of Italian Music from c. 1580-1640.
  • Sillitoe, Hugh (Theatre Studies)
    A comparative ethnography of contemporary absurdist performance practices amongst theatre practitioners and socio-political activitists.
  • Vile, Gareth (Theatre Studies)
    Comics and Dramaturgy
  • Voss, Cecilia (History ofArt)
    Modelling and Monitoring of Historic Tapestries
  • Whitmore, Lucie (History ofArt)
    Women's fashion in the First World War
  • Wilkinson, Tom (Music)
    Is J. S. Bach a compositional theorist?
  • Wilson, Francis Marion Moseley (Theatre Studies)
    (Un)Sanitizing Death as Process: Bodies and Boundaries through Performing Taxidermy
  • Wilson, Harry (Theatre Studies)
    Practising with Barthes: encounters between performance and photography.
  • Ziegler, Molly (Theatre Studies)
    Staging Madness: representations of madness on the early modern English stage