• 17 Aug

    Seabird migrations reveal the Canary Current is a biodiversity hotspot

    Institute researchers together with collaborators at University of Exeter have tracked the behaviour of seabirds migrating across the Atlantic to better understand how these animals use the marine environment and find out where they might come into conflict with human activities. The research reveals the Canary Current, a wind-driven ocean upwelling off the west coast of Africa, is a key hotspot for migrating seabirds.
  • 11 Aug

    Kathryn Elmer named to the Young Academy of Scotland

    Dr Kathryn Elmer, a Lecturer in Evolutionary Biology in the Institute, has been named a member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Young Academy of Science (YAS). YAS fosters interdisciplinary activities among emerging leaders from the disciplines of science and humanities, the professions, the arts, business and civil society.
  • 20 Jul

    Potential biomarkers of mastitis in dairy cattle milk identified

    Analysis of milk using new technologies has identified potential biomarkers of mastitis enabling real-time diagnostics and targeted therapeutics
  • 15 Jul

    Prof. Keith Vickerman - Obituary

    Professor Keith Vickerman, zoologist, was born on March 21, 1933. He was appointment to the John Graham Kerr chair in zoology in 1979, and then a few years later, appointed to the regius chair of zoology. He became a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1970, a fellow of the Royal Society in 1984 and a founder and fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences in 1998. He was a world authority on protozoa. He died of pancreatic cancer on June 28, 2016, aged 83.
  • 03 May

    Telomere Workshop (Oct 16)

    Workshop is part of the Leverhulme International Network on understanding diversity in telomere dynamics.
  • 13 Nov

    One-day meeting—Vector Biology & Disease (26th November)

    One 26th November there will be a one day meeting of the Vector Biology & Disease Group with talks from the principle researchers and a poster session to share activity between members of the group and with other interested parties.
  • 26 Oct

    Workshop - PALS

    Next week (2nd November 2016), a workshop on comparative aspects of telomere biology will be hosted by members of the Physiology and Life Histories group.
  • 06 Aug

    Bovine Tuberculosis Workshop 2015

    The Boyd Orr Centre for Population and Ecosystem Health of the University of Glasgow, together with the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine and the School of Veterinary Medicine are pleased to announce the second workshop on Bovine Tuberculosis on the 3rd-4th September 2015 in Glasgow.