• 09 Feb

    Government and communities in Tanzania benefit from foot-and-mouth disease work

    The BBSRC have published a report today that describes how research by Institute and Boyd Orr Centre for Population & Ecosystem Health researchers is informing Government policy in‪ Tanzania‬ on the best way to address foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in the country.
  • 28 Jan

    What's the Grey Matter with Gregory? Institute team join school outreach event

    Institute researchers Prof Neil Evans, Dr Michelle Bellingham & Dr Jane Robinson have been introducing high school students to the science of hormones in a public engagement project funded by the Wellcome Trust. ‘What’s the Grey Matter with Gregory’ was a collaboration between Cinelive and BFI Education to provide an immersive educational cinema event for 12–15 yr olds based on the film Gregory’s Girl—Bill Forsyth’s 1981 cult classic about awkward adolescent romance.
  • 26 Jan

    Scientists reveal the origins of sleeping sickness parasite

    A parasite which kills thousands of people each year in sub-Saharan Africa arose comparatively recently, and its unusual sex life may lead to its own extinction. Researchers in the Institute reveal that T.b. gambiense, the main cause of sleeping sickness, has existed for thousands of years without reproducing sexually. The team show that T.b. gambiense jumped into to humans in the past 10,000 with present day populations all descended from a single ancestor.
  • 13 Jan

    Tree Top Manu - Amazon’s rarest and most elusive wildlife on video

    Back in September 2015, we featured the first rare glimpses of rare Peruvian animals taken in camera traps—part of the Sustainable Manu conservation project run by PhD student Andy Whitworth & Research Fellow Dr Ross McLeod. Late last year the team released new footage that has captured some of the Amazon’s rarest and most elusive wildlife on video.
  • 13 Nov

    One-day meeting—Vector Biology & Disease (26th November)

    One 26th November there will be a one day meeting of the Vector Biology & Disease Group with talks from the principle researchers and a poster session to share activity between members of the group and with other interested parties.
  • 26 Oct

    Workshop - PALS

    Next week (2nd November 2016), a workshop on comparative aspects of telomere biology will be hosted by members of the Physiology and Life Histories group.
  • 06 Aug

    Bovine Tuberculosis Workshop 2015

    The Boyd Orr Centre for Population and Ecosystem Health of the University of Glasgow, together with the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine and the School of Veterinary Medicine are pleased to announce the second workshop on Bovine Tuberculosis on the 3rd-4th September 2015 in Glasgow.
  • 06 Jan

    The Scottish Tropical Ecology & Biology Meeting (STEB 2015) 31st Jan

    We will be hosting the Scottish Tropical Ecology and Biology conference at the University of Glasgow on the 31st of January. We have an excellent line up of talks from researchers at all stages of their careers. A diverse range of topics will be covered, including: botany, bats, evolution, fish, behaviour, ornithology, physiology, herpetology, marine mammals and expedition planning.