Hunterian Associates Programme

Hunterian Associates Programme

Following the success of its first two years, The Hunterian Associates Programme was shortlisted for the Times Higher Education Award 2013 in Outstanding Support for Early Career Researchers. Since then, the range of projects has continued to grow, as has the reach across diverse disciplines at the Univeristy.  All projects are listed alpahabetically at Hunterian Associates projects A-Z.

HAP 2016 began in April 2016 with 5 fascinating projects, spanning the topics of history of medicine, history of art, anatomy, virology, public health planning, history and ethics of collections.  Project pages are available via the navigation bar on the left. Look out for Associates' contirbutions to the Hunterian programme of Insight Talks .

Applications for HAP 2017
Anyone keen to apply or discuss a proposal can do so by contacting Ruth Fletcher (details below), or can complete and submit the HAP Application Form 2017. The deadline for applications if Friday 24 February 2017.

About the Programme

Recognised as a Collection of National Significance to Scotland, The Hunterian provides an inventive platform for postgraduate researchers to share their expert knowledge and to develop their skills through meaningful public engagement and knowledge exchange activities.

By proposing creative ways to present their ideas to the wider public, Hunterian Associates are able to broaden their perspectives on their own research, seeing the ways in which their topics connect to the collection strategies of past and present, as well as garnering immediate feedback through discussion and debate with a public audience. Projects are expected to be completed within a 12 month period (beginning March).

Projects can take the form of gallery talks and tours, podcasts focusing on particular artefacts, web-based exhibitions, interpretive performance or installation, or any other form that engages with the public effectively. 

Through the programme, the cutting-edge research being carried out by postgraduates connects in exciting and unexpected ways with the University’s extensive collections.

Ruth Fletcher, Student Engagement Officer, The Hunterian
Telephone: 0141 330 6660