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Scottish Tourism & Leisure in the Nineteenth Century

Material from Special Collections

books describing particular places

Please note: this list is in no way exhaustive in listing the material available in Special Collections describing specific areas and places. To find further items, readers are strongly advised to search the library catalogue  using the place they are interested in researching as a keyword search.

Ayr - Brechin - Bridge of Allan - Crieff - East Coast - Edinburgh - Firth of Forth - Girvan - Glasgow - Loch-Earn - Moffat  - Moray - RenfrewshireSt. Kilda - Stirling - Stonehaven - Strathearn - Thurso - Trossachs 


Henry C. Gray The auld toun o' Ayr and its history since 1800, with incidents and anecdotes Ayr: 1872 Sp Coll Mu9-h.17


David Edwards Edwards' Pocket history of Brechin, and guide book Brechin: 1872 Sp Coll Mu9-g.1

David Edwards Pocket history and guide to Brechin : with notes on the scenery, antiquities, & traditions of the district Edinburgh: 1884 Store HA01966 (NB. This item is not in Special Collections: please apply to Lending Services Desk)

Bridge of Allan

Charles Rogers A week at Bridge of Allan, comprising an account of the spa, and a series of six excursions to the interesting scenery of central Scotland ... Edinburgh: 1853 (Third edition) Sp Coll Mu3-h.28 


Sinclair Korner Rambles round Crieff and excursions into the Highlands Edinburgh: 1858 Sp Coll Mu9-h.17

East Coast

Francis Douglas A general description of the East coast of Scotland, from Edinburgh to Cullen : including a brief account of the universities of Saint Andrews and Aberdeen ... in a series of letters to a friend Paisley: 1782 Sp Coll Mu3-g.17


Andrew Cuthbert Guide from Edinburgh to Lasswade Edinburgh: [s.d.] Sp Coll Mu9-h.17

Alexander Kincaid The history of Edinburgh, from the earliest accounts to the present time; by way of guide to the city and suburbs; to which is annexed, a gazetteer of the county ... with a plan of the town ... also, a map of the environs ... Edinburgh: 1787 Sp Coll Mu3-b.14 

The stranger's guide to Edinburgh; containing a history and description of the city; with a particular account of its civil and political establishments; and a sketch of the country in the vicinity of Edinburgh ... Edinburgh: 1807 (Fifth edition) Sp Coll Mu3-f.33
Click on thumbnail to see fold out plan of Edinburgh city centre

John Thompson Guide to Rosslyn Chapel and Castle, Hawthornden, etc. Edinburgh: 1908 (Seventh edition) Sp Coll Mu9-g.1

Firth of Forth

Reid and Son Reid's Tourists' guide book to the Firth of Forth, from the Isle of May to Stirling ...; with historical and antiquarian sketches ... Leith: [s.d.] Sp Coll Mu9-h.17


James Mackenna Round about Girvan Girvan: 1906 Sp Coll Mu3-c.30 

Glasgow (see also:the Clyde and its vicinity )

James Cleland Description of the City of Glasgow; comprising an account of its ancient and modern history, its trade, manufactures, commerce, health, and other concerns Glasgow: 1840 (2nd edition) Sp Coll Mu1-b.15 

Elliot's popular guide to Glasgow and the International Exhibition ... with excursion notes, etc. ...Glasgow: 1888 Sp Coll Mu2-i.39 

Guide to Glasgow and favourite Scotch tours Glasgow: 1888 Sp Coll Bh11-e.28 

John McUre A view of the city of Glasgow; or, an account of its origin, rise and progress, with a more particular description thereof than has hitherto been known ... Glasgow: 1736 Sp Coll Mu23-d.1 

John Willox The Glasgow tourist and itinerary, being a complete handbook to the history, manufactures, public institutions, scenery of Glasgow, and the surrounding districts ... Edinburgh: 1850 Sp Coll Mu2-g.16 
Click on thumbnail to see engraving of Glasgow Cathedral and beginning of Walk One


Angus McDiarmid Striking and picturesque delineations of the grand, beautiful, wonderful, and interesting scenery around Loch-Earn Edinburgh: 1816 (Second edition) Sp Coll T.C.L. 2027 


William Wallace Fyfe A visit to Moffat, its spas, and neighbourhood Edinburgh: 1853 (Third edition) Sp Coll Mu9-h.17

Rides, walks and drives about Moffat Moffat: 1861 Sp Coll Mu9-h.17


Isaac Forsyth An account of the antiquities, modern buildings, and natural curiosities, in the province of Moray, worthy of the attention of the tourist, with an itinerary of the province Edinburgh: 1813 Sp Coll Mu2-i.36 


George Crawfurd A general description of the shire of Renfrew, including an account of the noble and ancient families ... Paisley: 1818 Sp Coll RQ 864 

St. Kilda

Martin Martin A voyage to St. Kilda ... London: 1753 Sp Coll T.C.L. 1102 


C. Randall The history of Stirling, from the earliest accounts to the present time; compiled from the latest and best authorities. With a sketch of a tour to Callander and the Trosachs, &c. Stirling: 1817 (Second edition) Sp Coll Bl14-b.6 


W. Jolly and Sons Stonehaven, historical and descriptive : being a guide book to the town and surrounding district, with an introductory sketch of Kincardineshire Aberdeen: 1897 Store HA01541  (NB. This item is not in Special Collections: please apply to the Lending Services Desk)


John Shearer Antiquities of Strathearn, with historical and traditionary tales; and biographical sketches ... to which is appended a guide to tourists Crieff: 1833 Sp Coll Mu2-h.16 


Hand-book to Thurso and vicinity, and guide to the county of Caithness Thurso: [1875] Sp Coll Mu9-h.17


Caledonian Railway Company Through the Trossachs Glasgow: 1908 Sp Coll Mu9-g.3 

Thomas Nelson and Sons Tourist's guide to the Trossachs and Loch Lomond London: 1859 Sp Coll Mu9-g.1 

Thomas Nelson and Sons The Trossachs London: 1857 Sp Coll Mu9-g.1 

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