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M.Phil. in 
Romanticism and the Forms of Modernity

Resources in Special Collection

plate opposite p.28 from Bf70-e.25:
Paul et Virginie, London 1799

Special Collections has rich holdings of eighteenth and nineteenth century material relevant to the study of romanticism. Of particular interest, for example, are the Blake holdings and the large collection of triple-decker novels. While most of this  material is easily found by searching the main library catalogue and manuscripts catalogue, these pages aim to bring together resources which are particularly significant and which are otherwise scattered throughout the various collections. In some cases, parts of texts have been digitised in their entirety to enhance remote access to  the original material. It should be stressed, however, that while these pages should provide a useful starting point for finding material,  what appears  here is only a very small proportion of the vast resources available; students are therefore encouraged to search further and visit the department to examine other books for themselves.


list of early editions of Wordsworth and Coleridge
digitised excerpts from Poems on Various Subjects by Coleridge
digitised excerpts from Christabel &c by Coleridge
digitised text of the poem New Morality from the Anti-Jacobin
digitised excerpts from The Waggoner and Sonnets by Wordsworth
images from the English Dance of Death by Thomas Rowlandson
images from Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne