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M.Phil. in 
Romanticism and the Forms of Modernity

Early Coleridge & Wordsworth editions


image shows title-page of Hepburn 22

Aids to reflection in the formation of a manly character on the several grounds of prudence, morality, and religion illustrated by select passages from our elder divines, especially from Archbishop Leighton 
London: Printed for Taylor and Hessey, 1825.
Sp Coll T.C.L. 3462.

Biographia literaria; or biographical sketches of my literary life and opinions 
Sp Coll BD14-b.21,22.

 "Blessed are ye that sow beside all waters!",  A lay sermon addressed to the higher and middle classes, on the existing distresses and discontents.
London: 1817.
Sp Coll BG42-f.8.

Christabel, &c. 
London: 1816.
Sp Coll BG60-c.5.

Confessions of an inquiring spirit; edited from the author's MS by Henry Nelson Coleridge.
London: Pickering, 1840.
Sp Coll 2598.

Essays on his own times forming a second series of the Friend.
London: William Pickering, 1850.
Main Lib English MC280.E7 1850-C vol. 1-3 


The friend a series of essays to aid in the formation of fixed principles in politics, morals, and religion, with literary amusements interspersed 
4th ed. with the author's last correction and an appendix, and with a synoptical table of the contents of the work, by Henry Nelson Coleridge.
London, 1850.
Main Lib English MC280.F7 1850-C vol. 1-3 

Hints towards the formation of a more comprehensive theory of life.
London:  John Churchill, 1848.
Main Lib G3-e.5 

The literary remains of Samuel Taylor Coleridge collected and edited by Henry Nelson Coleridge.
London, 1836-1839.
Main Lib English MC271 1836-C vol. 1-4 

Notes, theological, political, and miscellaneous. Edited by the Rev. Derwent Coleridge.
London: E. Moxon, 1853.
Main Lib English MC280.N7 1853-C 

Poems, by S.T. Coleridge. To which are now added poems by Charles Lamb and Charles Lloyd ...
Second edition.
Bristol, Printed by N. Biggs for J. Cottle 1797.
Sp Coll Hepburn 22.

Poems on various subjects by S.T. Coleridge ...
London: Printed for G.G. and J. Robinsons: and J. Cottle, Bristol, 1796.
Sp Coll 2719.

The poetical works of S.T. Coleridge.
London, 1836.
Main Lib English MC271 1836 vol. 1-3 

The poetical works of S. T. Coleridge, including the dramas of Wallenstein, Remorse, and Zapolya 
London: 1828.
Sp Coll BD20-e.24-26.

The rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, illustrated by twenty-five poetic and dramatic scenes, designed and etched by David Scott.
Edinburgh: Alexander Hill, 1837.
Sp Coll e16.

Sibylline leaves: a collection of poems by S.T. Coleridge, esq.
London, Rest Fenner 1817.
Sp Coll 997 

Specimens of the table talk of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
Second edition [edited by Henry Nelson Coleridge]
London: J. Murray, 1836.
Sp Coll Mu49-f.17 & Main Lib English MC272 1836 

The statesman's manual; or the Bible the best guide to political skill and foresight: a lay sermon ... with an appendix, containing comments and essays connected with the study of the inspired writings
London, 1816.
Sp Coll BG42-f.8.

Zapolya: a Christmas tale, in two parts ... 
London, 1817.
Sp Coll BG60-c.5.


image shows frontispiece portrait from BC27-y.5

Catalogue of the ... library of ... William Wordsworth ... numbering ... nearly three thousand volumes: also a fine gallery picture, by L. Giordano: which will be sold by auction, by Mr John Burton (of Preston;) at ... Rydal Mount, near Ambleside, Windermere, on ... the 19th ... 20th, and ...21st ... of July, 1859 ...
Preston: Chas. Ambler, printer, 1859.
Sp Coll 844.

A description of the scenery of the Lakes in the North of England
Third edition, (now first published separately with additions, and illustrative remarks upon the scenery of the Alps)
London: Longman, 1822.
Sp Coll 942.

A description of the scenery of the lakes in the north of England. With additions, and illustrative remarks upon the scenery of the Alps.
Third edition (now first published separately). With map.
London: 1822.
Sp Coll DK.12.2.


The Excursion: being a portion of the Recluse, a poem.
London: 1814.
Sp Coll b.4.32.

The excursion,  The white doe of Rylstone, and miscellaneous poems 
Halifax: 1858.
Main Lib English MW558 1858 

A letter to a friend of Robert Burns: occasioned by an intended republication of The account of the life of Burns, by Dr.Currie; and of the selection made by him from his letters
London: Longman, 1816.
Sp Coll Hepburn 273.

Memorials of a tour on the Continent, 1820
London: 1822.
Sp Coll f.2.14.

Poems including Lyrical ballads, and the miscellaneous pieces of the author. With additional poems, a new preface, and a supplementary essay.
London: Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown, 1815-20.
Main Lib English MW552 1815 vol. 1 & 3 

The poems of William Wordsworth ...
New ed.
London: 1849.
Main Lib English MW550 1849 

The poetical works of William Wordsworth.
New ed.
London: 1836.
Main Lib English MW550 1836 vol. 1-4 

The poetical works of William Wordsworth.
London: George Routledge and Sons, 1858.
Sp Coll Stone 820.

The poetical works of William Wordsworth. Complete in one volume.
Paris: 1828.
Sp Coll BC27-y.5.

Poetical works..., Vol. IV.
A new edition.
London: 1832.
Sp Coll BC18-g.4.

Kendal and Windermere Railway; two letters re-printed from The Morning Post revised, with additions.
London: Whittaker, [1845]
Sp Coll Mu61-e.5.

The waggoner, a poem. To which are added, sonnets.
London: 1819.
Sp Coll DL.12.13.

The white doe of Rylstone; or the fate of the Nortons. A poem
London: 1815.
Sp Coll BC28-x.15 & Sp Coll g.5.12

Yarrow revisited, and other poems. 
London: Longman, 1835.
Sp Coll Eadie 43.


NB. there is also one letter of Wordsworth's in the manuscripts collection:
Letter from William Wordsworth to J.P. Muirhead, 15 Dec. 1846, accepting an offer of a copy of Watt's
Correspondence. [Not published in The letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, edited by
Alan G. Hill et al. (Oxford, 1967-1993.]
MS Gen 1354/134 


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