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 Department of Economic and Social History

Honours option course:
Poverty and Progress: Britain 1885-1914

The Special Collections Department of Glasgow University Library contains a large number of pamphlets relating to the social history of Scotland. The Bissett Collection, in particular, holds a large amount of leftwing and Socialist literature from the early 20th century.
Reproduced here are three contemporary early 20th century texts which focus on the problem of unemployment.



Digitised Texts

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Employment and industrial relations

The nationalisation of the coal supply: a study prepared in the Fabian Research department
London: Fabian Society and G. Allen and Unwin (1916)
Sp Coll Bissett Add. 85
These Poor Hands: the autobiography of a miner working in South Wales
London: Gollancz, 1939
Sp Coll L.B.C. 1939/2
The Underworld: The Story of Robert Sinclair, miner / by James C Welsh
London: H jenkins, 1920
Sp Coll Broady A180
Democracy or Disruption: an examination of communistic influences in the trade unions / by Walter Citrine
London, Publicity Department of the Trades Union Congress
Sp Coll Bissett Add. 183
Trade unionists and the war / address by Ernest Bevin
Glasgow : Scottish Trades Union Congress, General Council, 1940
Sp Coll Broady A130
The new Workmen's Compensation Act made plain : the workman's guide / by Philip Snowden.
London: Independent Labour Party, 1907
Sp Coll Bissett 1124

Housing, Suburbs and Communities

Stop rents going up / Harry Pollitt
London : Communist Party of Great Britain, 1937
Sp Coll Broady A60
The case for rent reductions
Glasgow : S.n., 1932
Sp Coll Broady A62
The Clyde rent war / by P. J. Dollan
Glasgow : Scottish Council of the Independent Labour Party, [1925]
Sp Coll Broady A59
The management of municipal housing estates: report of the House Management and Housing Associations Sub-Committee of the Central Housing Advisory Committee
London : H.M.S.O., 1938
Sp Coll Broady F15
The battle for houses in Glasgow / by Harry McShane
Glasgow : Communist Party (Glasgow Committee), [1946?]
Sp Coll Bissett 157
Can the "undesirable tenant" be trained in citizenship? / by A.K. Chalmers and Sir John Mann
[Glasgow] : [Printed by authority of the Committee on Housing of the Corporation of Glasgow], [1933].
Sp Coll Broady Add. q3

Social Surveys

The road to Wigan Pier / by George Orwell ; with a foreword by Victor Gollancz
London : Gollancz, 1937
Sp Coll L.B.C. 1937/13
Poverty and public health/ GCM M’Gonigle
London : Gollancz, 1936
Sp Coll L.B.C. 1936/17
The condition of Britain / G.D.H. Cole
London : Victor Gollancz, 1937
Sp Coll L.B.C. 1937/39
Portrait of a Mining Town / by Philip Massey
London: Fact, 1937
Sp Coll Bissett Add. 43
Fighting for what? / by John Orr
London : Macmillan & Co. Ltd., 1942
Sp Coll Farmer 319
The hungry Forties / Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (cowritten with John Boyd Orr)
London : Public Relations Office for F.A.O. in the United Kingdom
Sp Coll Bissett 17


The town that was murdered : the life-story of Jarrow / Ellen Wilkinson
London : Gollancz, 1939
Sp Coll L.B.C. 1939/11
A short history of the unemployed / Wal Hannington
London : Gollancz, 1938
Sp Coll L.B.C. 1938/35
A practical guide to the Unemployment Acts including the anomalies regulations and the means test / by Sid Elias
London : National Unemployed Workers' Movement, [193-?]
Sp Coll Bissett 1140
The world crisis and unemployment : who caused it? how? and why? : the solution / Financial Freedom Committee
London : Printed for the publishers, Financial Freedom Committee ... by J. Davy & Sons, Ltd, at the Dryden Press, 1931
Sp Coll Bissett Add. 24
Unemployment and the distressed areas : Labour's smashing indictment of the "national" government / by the Rt. Hon. Arthur Greenwood, M.P.
London : Labour Party, [1935]
Sp Coll Bissett 1135
The new Unemployment Insurance Bill exposed / by George Buchanan
Glasgow : Hutchesontown Branch (Glasgow), Independent Labour Party, [1933]
Sp Coll Bissett 1308

Labour Party Social Policy

My confession of faith in the Labour Alliance by J. Keir Hardie, M.P
(London: I.L.P. Publication Dept., 1910?)
Sp Coll Carmichael 66
The insurance bill and the workers : criticisms and amendments of the National Insurance Bill / prepared by the Executive Committee
 (London: Fabian Society, 1911)
Sp Coll Bissett Add. 84
What is the use of Parliament? / by F.W. Jowett
London: Clarion Press, [1909?]
Sp Coll Bissett 1194
The legal minimum wage by Sidney Webb
London: Printed for the Standing Joint Committee of the Independent Labour Party and the Fabian Society, 1912
Sp Coll Bissett Add. 123
Labour and the new social order : a report on reconstruction
London: Labour Party, 1918
Sp Coll Bissett Add. 142
The socialist programme : the constructive proposals of the Independent Labour Party
London: Independent Labour Party, 1923
Sp Coll Carmichael 60
Report of the fifteenth annual conference, Temperance Hall, Derby, April 1st and 2nd, 1907. With rules of the Party, and directories of I.L.P. branch secretaries, I.L.P. members on public bodies, and list of speakers / Independent Labour Party
London: Independent Labour Party, 1907
Sp Coll Bissett 1124

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