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French Honours Option
Emblem Books 

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 Devices and Court Life
 Religious Matters
 Literature: references 
 Literature: emblematic composition 
 Emblematics & the Literary Process
 Emblematics in the 1990s


listing of relevant books with digitised images

Pages 38 - 39

Pages 54 - 55

Pages 156 - 157

Pages 184 - 185

Pages 230 - 231

Andreas Alciato Livret des emblemes
Paris: Wechel, 1536 Sp Coll S.M. 23

Folios E2v - E3r

Folios I4v - I5r

Folios I7v - I8r

Folios L1v - L2r

Folios O5v - O6r

other resources

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