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French Honours Option
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listing of relevant books with digitised images

Pages 14 - 15

Page 41

Page 72

Pages 112 - 113

Pages 180 - 181

Gilles Corrozet Hecatomgraphie
Paris: Janot, 1540  Sp Coll S.M. Add. 385

This book is available in its entirey via the French Emblems at Glasgow website.

Folio B5v

Folio C3v

Folio D1v

Folio E8v

Folio K6v

Claude Paradin Devises heroiques
Paris: Boutonne, 1622 Sp Coll S.M. Add. 823a

Page 93

Page 179

Pages 206 - 207

Pages 276 - 277

Page 331

Charles Perrault Courses de testes et de bague
Paris: Imprimerie Royale, 1670 Sp Coll S.M. 2024

Page 29

Page 35

Page 45

Page 51

Double page spread

other resources

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