Transport services

Transport services

Transport services' mission statement:

The provision of a reliable, cost effective, high quality transport service and vehicle and equipment maintenance facility to the University of Glasgow. To offer support, advice and guidance on transport related matters. Included in our objective is the aspiration to identify and develop potential and suitable commercial business opportunities.

Minibuses Hires

When Hiring or driving a Minibus on University Business a Section 19 Bus Permit Must be on Display at all times.

Only staff/Students that have been assessed and authorised by Transport services are permitted to drive University Minibuses or Hire Minibuses on behalf of the University.  Please note all external bookings Must at all times be pre-arranged with Transport services and placed through Agresso.

For all external Hires Laminated Section 19 Permits MUST be obtained from Transport Services before the hire commences.  A £25 cash deposit required. Please see vehicle hire guidelines.

Anyone failing to comply with these regulations will not be covered by the University’s Motor Insurance.

Minibus licence Requirements  

Pre 1997 Driving Licence Holders   Category D, D1 driving licence

For all Minibuses up to 16 passenger seats with a Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) over 3500kg They will continue to be able to drive minibuses under the Permit Schemes, provided their entitlement to drive minibuses (Category D1, not for hire or reward) remains in force e.g. that it has not been revoked for medical grounds or expired at 701

Post 1997 Driving Licences Category B driving Licence

Can drive a minibus provided they comply with all of the following

      i)   They drive on behalf of a non commercial body for social purposes but not for hire or reward, unless operating under a permit;

      ii)  They are aged 21 or over;

      iii) They have held a car (category B) licence for at least 2 years;

      iv) They are providing their service on a voluntary basis;

      v) Provided the Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) is not More than 3500Kg

     vi) you do not tow a trailer


Foreign licence holders,

Due to recent changes Driving Licence legislation all foreign license holders wishing to drive Minibuses here in the UK need to contact Transport Services for advice.


Drivers of MINIBUSES (and vehicles of more than 8 seats) who have only Category ‘B’ driving licence entitlement are NOT ALLOWED to drive vehicles in excess of 3500Kg, or drive such vehicles OUTSIDE the UK.  Please Note this will include all 17 seat buses and some of the newer 15 seat buses. If you are unsure what vehicles you are entitled to drive please contact Transport Services for advice.