Session dates

Session dates

Please note that the 2013-14 dates have been altered slightly since they were originally published.  This is to reflect a change to the winter 2013 graduation dates, which are now scheduled for 2-6 December 2013, rather than 25-29 November 2013 as previously published.

NB: Students should be aware that some Colleges operate to a slightly different timetable and should confirm the dates shown here with their School or Adviser of Studies before making travel arrangements at the beginning or end of the session.

Session Dates for Other Programmes

Visiting Students: Please be aware that your start dates may differ from those shown here. Please refer to the Study Abroad website for the dates relating to your specific study programme at the University of Glasgow.

Other key dates:

Please note that all graduation and examination enquiries should be directed to Registry, and not to Senate Office who do not hold graduation and examination details.