External Examiners

External Examiners

The Senate Office manages the External Examiners system for the University.

It is responsible for:

  • appointing all External Examiners for taught courses
  • the payment of fees for these examiners
  • receiving and scrutinising external examiner reports and initiating any necessary follow-up action
  • preparing an annual report

Schools are responsible for:

  • Nomination of External Examiners
  • Responding to External Examiner Report

External Examiners are responsible for:

  • Undertaking the required University training as an External Examiner
  • Timely submission of Report through on-line system

External examiners are usually appointed for four years, starting on the 1 October of a given year and finishing on 30 September four years later. After an external examiner's four year term of office has expired they cannot be appointed to the University again until five years have passed.

Occasionally, an external examiner may have been appointed for a term of office less than four years. In this case, the examiner's term of office may be extended. Form EE4 should be completed and returned to the Senate Office.

In February, the Senate Office determines which external examiners are due to have their term of office expire that year. We then write to relevant Heads of School/Institute to request that they take steps to initiate the appointment of a replacement examiner.

Appointment process

  1. Head(s) of Subject Area completes a nomination form (for type see below) and signs it.
  2. The form is then passed to the Head of School/Institute for approval.
  3. The signed form is then forwarded to the Senate Office.
  4. After consideration and approval, an appointment letter is sent to the examiner. Copies of this appointment letter are also sent to the Head of School.

External examiner nomination forms

  • EE1 - to replace an examiner [Word]
  • EE2 - to extend a remit [Word] e.g. to extend the number of courses examined by an existing examiner
  • EE3 - to nominate for a new course [Word] to nominate for a new course or appoint an additional examiner for an existing course
  • EE4 - to extend tenure [Word] e.g. of an existing examiner

On appointment

When external examiners are appointed, they are directed to the online induction information in the tab entitled 'Induction'.

After the examination process is completed, external examiners are required to submit a report via the University's on-line system. The Senate Office will initiate payment of the fee upon receipt of the report. The Senate Office then forwards the report to the School with a request that any points raised should be discussed at a School meeting.

The Senate Office operates a categorisation system to indicate the type of response required from the School. The School is required to report on the outcome of the discussion and on any action taken. If the examiner is generally happy with the course but has made significant comments or suggestions, the School responds through their annual monitoring report which is routinely copied to the examiner. If more serious issues are raised, the Head of School is required to report back to the Senate Office within three months and his/her reply is copied to the examiner.

Find an External Examiner Report - www.gla.ac.uk/services/senateoffice/eereportsearch/.


In order to receive their fee, external examiners are required to complete a report form via the University's on-line system. Payment of their fee is then initiated by the Senate Office. Please note, due to constraints imposed by the University's Finance Office, only reports received by the Office before the first Friday of the month, will ensure payment of the fee by the end of that month.


To claim for expenses the Expenses Claim Form should be completed and returned to the appropriate School for payment. Please remember to enclose all receipts with the claim.

Please also note that like fees, only claims received by the Office before the first Friday of the month, will ensure payment by the end of that month.


The Purchasing Office have details of hotels acceptable for the use of University staff, including external examiners.


The University will normally reimburse standard or economy class rail travel or economy class air travel. If travelling by car, payment is by the mile at a rate of £0.45 per mile.

Appointment of external examiners for research degrees, and the payment of their fees and expenses are handled by Graduate School Offices.

Any questions about External Examiners should be addressed to Lesley Fielding.

External Examiners are an integral part of the University's quality management processes. 

As such, External Examiners are expected to avail themselves of the induction materials below to develop an understanding and awareness of the various policies, processes and regulations which will impact upon their role.  

External Examiners are particularly directed towards:

In addition, External Examiners may wish to make themselves aware of the broader framework of quality management processes at the University and the national expectations: