Learning Technology

Learning Technology

In this section you will find links to information and resources about the various learning tools that are available at the University of Glasgow. 

A new media server is now available. Guides on how to use 'MEDIAL' to embed audio and video in Moodle can be found in the University Moodle Guides.

Supported Technologies

Moodle is a web based e-learning system (a Virtual Learning Environment - VLE). Such systems bring together different forms of e-learning and include quizzes and chat rooms, which can take the form of virtual tutorials. Moodle also includes the facility to upload computer files so that students can submit documents (essays, reports, etc.) via their computer. Moodle is the most widely used VLE in this university.

More information on Moodle.

Mahara is a tool to assist in Personal Development Planning, in which material is accumulated in an individual portfolio.  The material in the portfolio is owned and managed by the individual (either staff or student) and no-one else has access to any of it unless the individual concerned gives explicit permission to someone else to access a particular item.

More information on Mahara.

Urkund is plagiarism checking software that sits within Moodle Assignment. For guides to setting up Moodle, including Assignment, please see here

More information on Urkund

For furter help please contact the IT Helpdesk

Below is a list of additional technologies that are available at the University of Glasgow.