Data Protection and Freedom of Information Office

Data Protection and Freedom of Information Office

The Data Protection and Freedom of Information Office is responsible for providing advice, expertise, and training about Records and Information Management within the University, plus the operation and implications of the Data Protection Act, the Freedom of Information [Scotland] Act, the Environmental Information [Scotland] Regulations, and related legislation.

Information and Records Management is concerned with:

  • the creation, keeping, management, and destruction of information and records
  • the entire life cycle of a record, in whatever format, from creation through to destruction or transfer
  • allowing an organisation to know what information it has, where it is kept and how long it is kept
  • setting of retention schedules for different types and categories of records and information
  • advising on cost effective systems and procedures to meet security requirements
  • meeting the requirements of the section 61 Code of Practice: Records Management, a supplement to FOISA
  • assisting corporate goverance with respect to records to comply with the requirements of Data Protection, Freedom of Information, and Environmental Information legislation.

The Data Protection Act [DPA] is concerned with:

  • an individual's personal data,
  • the individual's expectations of privacy and security in the use of the personal data
  • the framework of rules and procedures to be followed in collecting, storing, securing, transfering, accessing, retaining, and destruction of personal data.
  • the individual's right of access to his/her personal data

The Freedom of Information [Scotland] Act [FOISA] is concerned with:

  • an individual's general right of access to most of the recorded information held by the University
  • the information which may be about its activities, decisions, priorities, and plans.
  • the expectation of help and assistance for those seeking information.
  • the provision of a Publication Scheme that lists the main categories of information already published

The Environmental Information [Scotland] Regulations [EIRs] is broadly similar in to FOISA, in that it gives a general right of access to environmental information held by the University, but is concerned with information covering:

  • the environment itself, including air, water, earth and the habitats of animals and plants
  • things that affect the environment, such as emissions, radiation, noise, and other forms of pollution
  • policies, plans and laws on the environment