• 27 Aug

    Beyond 2015

    Master of Public Health graduate (2013) and previous Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scholar Shadrach Dare was asked to comment on global health objectives after 2015 (target date for the achievement of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals) by the Association of Commonwealth Universities.
  • 20 Aug

    Prof Helen Minnis promoted

    Fantastic news - Helen has been awarded promotion to Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
  • 19 Aug

    The impact of Keep Well

    The impact of Keep Well: An evaluation of the Keep Well programme from 2006 to 2012
  • 18 Aug

    Christopher Gillberg included in the list of researchers with exceptional impact

    The media company Thomson Reuters have listed the researchers most frequently cited in a range of scientific journals deemed the world's most prestigious. Christopher Gillberg is among 15 Swedish researchers within the field of medicine featured in the list.
  • 11 Aug

    Maurice Bloch Seminar: Taking Structure Seriously

    Taking structure seriously: implications of social practice approaches for public health research. Judith Green London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine The ‘practice turn’ in social and health research has reoriented our focus away from health behaviours, as discrete and modifiable risk factors for disease, and towards social practices.
  • 14 Aug

    Maurice Bloch Seminar: For people Experiencing Psychosis....

    Despite twenty years of advances in understanding the nature of psychosis and its treatments, those affected still lose 15-20 years of life on average. Most of this premature mortality can be explained by physical disorders’ usual suspects, such as cardiovascular disease (CVD), the single largest cause and far exceeding suicide.
  • 04 Aug

    Athena Swan Promotion Workshops

    The Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team Working Group for Promotion/Reward & Recognition invite you to attend one of two workshops on the 27th and 31st of October 2014.
  • 11 Jul

    Maurice Bloch Seminar

    This is the first in the 2014/2015 Maurice Bloch Seminar Series. The guest speaker will be Professor Jill Pell, Director of the Institute of Health and Wellbeing.