Industry partnerships

Industry partnerships

Ways to work with Space Glasgow

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might build a mutually beneficial partnership with your enterprise.

A broad overview of the possibilities are listed can be found on the College of Science & Engineering industry page

Industrial studentships

50% matched funding from the College of Science and Engineering

This scheme offers an excellent opportunity for industry partners to explore new fields of research.

The College has invested funds to support studentships where industry partners have committed 50% of the cost.  These projects can be scoped out jointly between the company and academic supervisors to address industrial challenges.

If you are interested in exploring collaborative research in the field of Space, take a look at our current research activities to identify potential partners.

If you would like to discuss your research interests to help identify researchers, please contact Lynne Brown in the first instance:

Cost details

  • Total cost of studentship: £63,315 (Includes fees and stipend. Studentships starting 2014)
  • Costs are based on the Research Councils UK figures for Home and EU students over 42 months.
  • Industry partners are expected to fund 50% of studentships.

European Space Agency

The European Space Agency maintains a list of open opportunities to tender.

If you would like to discuss a joint bid with an academic partner, either as a lead or as a collaborator, please contact: