Within the following pages you will find out about Internationalisation in the College of Arts  including:

  • why internationalisation has become such a priority across the University;
  • how the College of Arts Internationalisation Structure fits into the University wide Internationalisation strategy;
  • the Funding and Resources available to assist in developing international relationships;
  • a range of reports, strategies and other documentation in our Repository of Information;
  • the experiences of some academics that have engaged with international projects in our portfolio of Case Studies;
  • our Map of International Activties which captures activities past, present and future (where known) and enables colleagues across the College to develop an understanding of existing links with other institutions.  See below for the new video clip from Prof Nick Pearce discussing the importance of the International Map.

Please contact the College of Arts Internationalisation Team if you have any queries or wish to discuss any potential overseas projects.

  • Map of International Activities

    Put your activities on the map. An application has been developed that will be used to map all international activities across the College and perhaps the University. Click through the pins on the map and see what activities have been recorded to date.

  • Funding Case Studies

    Watch videos and read interviews with academics from the College of Arts that have succesfully engaged in International partnerships. Learn the bureucratic pit-falls to avoid.

  • How to Develop International Partnerships

    Developing an international partnership brings many benefits to staff and students alike but can appear quite daunting to establish. The Senate Office have developed an online resource that provides all the information you will require to formalise and develop your international links.

News and Events

News: 25th Jan - Developments with Nankai University

Following on from a successful vist to Glasgow by a delegation from Nankai University in Jan 2013 plans are progressing to develop a Graduate School in Nankai that will provide PGT programmes developing language provision and staff student exchange in particular with their large English Department.

News: 21st Jan - Visiting Professor at the Smithsonian Institute

Professor Nick Pearce will be a Visiting Professor in March 2013 on the History of the Decorative Arts Program run by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C./George Mason University.

News: 16th Jan - Cultures of Conservation

As part of the “Cultures of Conservation,” initiative, Frances Lennard is currently at the Bard Graduate Center (B.G.C.) in New York as an invited participant in an international forum.

News: 29th Nov 2012 - IPDF Awards in the College of Arts

John Davies, Nick Fells, Corole Hough and Simon Newman met with success in the initial IPDF round of 2012/13 with alomost £6000 being awarded to the College of Arts.

Event: Universitas 21 - tbc, link to follow

A workshop explaining the Universitas 21 relationship and what it means to you will be held this year. The dates and content for the event have yet to be established but we will provide update an update as soon as more details are released.

Funding Opportunities

Principal’s Early Career Mobility Fund: Glasgow-Columbia

Funded awards to support PhD students and post-doctoral researchers from the University of Glasgow to visit or conduct research at Columbia University (New York). Funds of up to £5,000 are available to support the expenses of participating students and researchers, including those relating to travel, accommodation, living, educational materials and/or education related costs.

David Carritt Scholarships - deadline tbc, link to follow

Two David Carritt Scholarships are available to candidates who apply to any of the taught or research Postgraduate Programmes in History of Art and who express an interest to study in Washington, on the History of the Decorative Arts Program run by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C./George Mason University, or Paris with the Ecole du Louvre for the second semester.

International Partnership Development Fund - funds to be spent by June 2013

Funding remains available in the university wide International Partnership Development Fund (IPDF) which enables support to conference attendance and projects with research focussed outcomes. The fund is available to projects developing links with overseas institutions. As 50% of the funding is provided by the College all projects must be approved at College level prior to being submitted to RIO.

Erasmus Intensive Programme - deadline 8 March 2013

The Intensive Programme application form for 2013 is now available on the Erasmus website