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Scottish Tourism & Leisure in the Nineteenth Century

Material from Special Collections

travel accounts

Beriah Botfield Journal of a tour through the Highlands of Scotland during the summer of MDCCCXXIX 1830 Sp Coll Mu7-f.27 

John Bristed Anthroplanomenos; or, a pedestrian tour through part of the Highlands of Scotland, in 1801 London: 1803 Sp Coll Mu11-e.28,29 

Alexander Campbell A journey from Edinburgh through parts of North Britain; containing remarks on Scottish landscape ... and observations on rural economy, natural history, manufactures, trade and commerce ... together with biographical sketches, relating chiefly to civil and ecclesiastical affairs ... London: 1802 Sp Coll Mu8-b.8,9 

Sir John Carr Caledonian sketches, or a tour through Scotland in 1807 London: 1809 Sp Coll Mu8-c.7 

William Cobbett Cobbett's tour in Scotland; and in the four northern counties of England; in the autumn of the year 1832 London: 1833 Sp Coll Mu6-h.29

Charles Cordiner Antiquities and scenery of the North of Scotland, in a series of letters, to Thomas Pennant London: 1780 Sp Coll q424 

Nathaniel Crouch Admirable curiosities, rarities, and wonders, in England, Scotland, and Ireland, being an account of many remarkable persons and places ... With the natural and artificial rarities in every country ... Westminster: 1811 (New edition) Sp Coll BD14-f. 21

Charles Dibdin Observations on a tour through almost the whole of England, and a considerable part of Scotland, in a series of letters...London: 1801 Sp Coll BD18-a.24,25 

Thomas Frognall Dibdin A bibliographical antiquarian and picturesque tour in the northern counties of England and in Scotland London: 1838 Sp Coll BD18-b.10 

Thomas Garnett Observations on a tour through the Highlands and part of the Western Isles of Scotland, particularly Staffa and Icolmkill; to which are added, a description of the Falls of the Clyde, of the country round Moffat, and an analysis of its mineral waters London: 1800 Sp Coll Mu8-y.16 

Alexander Gordon Itinerarium septentrionale; or, a journey thro' most of the counties of Scotland, and those in the north of England; in two parts ...London: 1726 Sp Coll Mu7-y.7 

Mary Anne Hanway A journey to the Highlands of Scotland; with occasional remarks on Dr. Johnson's tour London: 1777 Sp Coll Mu8-h.13 9

Rowland Hill Journal through the North of England and parts of Scotland ... London: 1799 Sp Coll Ogilvie B121 

Philip Homer Observations on a short tour made in the summer of 1803, to the Western Highlands of Scotland; interspersed with original pieces of descriptive and epistolary poetry London: 1804 Sp Coll Mu6-g.30 

James Johnson The recess, or autumnal relaxation in the Highlands and Lowlands; being the home circuit versus foreign travel, a tour of health and pleasure to the Highlands and Hebrides London: 1834 Sp Coll Mu1-d.4 

John Knox A tour through the highlands of Scotland, and the Hebride Isles, in MDCCLXXXVI London: 1787 Sp Coll RQ 733 

John Lettice Letters on a tour through various parts of Scotland, in the year 1792 London: 1794 Sp Coll Mu10-i.7 

John Leyden Journal of a tour in the Highlands and Western Islands of Scotland in 1800 Edinburgh: 1903 Sp Coll Mu3-h.2

J. Loveday Diary of a tour in 1732 through parts of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, made by John Loveday of Caversham, and now for the first time printed from a MS. in the Possession of his Great-grandson J.E.Taylor Loveday Edinburgh: 1890 Sp Coll Roxburghe 121 

John Macky A journey through Scotland; in familiar letters from a gentleman here, to his friend abroad; being the third volume, which compleats Great-Britain London: 1732 (Second edition) Sp Coll Mu Add. 14

Donald MacNicol Remarks on Dr Samuel Johnson's Journey to the Hebrides; with observations on the antiquities, language, genius, and manners of the Highlanders of Scotland Glasgow: 1852 Sp Coll Mu7-e.47

Joseph Mawman An excursion to the Highlands of Scotland and the English Lakes, with recollections, descriptions, and references to historical facts London: 1805 Sp Coll Mu11-g.12 

Sir Donald Monro Description of the Western Isles of Scotland, called Hybrides. By Mr. Donald Monro ...who travelled through the most of them in the year 1549 Glasgow: 1818 Sp Coll T.C.L. 3117 

Thomas Newte Prospects and observations; on a tour in England and Scotland; natural, oeconomical, and literary London: 1791 Sp Coll Mu7-a.5 

Miss Parker A tour in Scotland in 1863 London: 1984 Sp Coll Roxburghe 247 

Thomas Pennant A tour in Scotland. MDCCLXIX ... Chester: 1771 Sp Coll T.C.L. 499 (Additions, published 1774 at Sp Coll Mu6-d.15)

Thomas Pennant A tour in Scotland and voyage to the Hebrides, 1772 Chester: 1774 Sp Coll Mu6-d.2 

Thomas Pennant A tour in Scotland, and voyage to the Hebrides; MDCCLXXII London: 1776 (Second edition) Sp Coll Mu6-d.10  (Part 1) Sp Coll Mu6-d.11  (part 2)

Thomas Pennant A tour in Scotland; MDCCLXIX ... Warrington: 1774 (Third edition) Sp Coll T.C.L. q56 

Thomas Pennant A tour in Scotland: MDCCLXIX ... London: 1776 (Fourth edition) Sp Coll RQ 631 

Thomas Pennant A tour in Scotland; MDCCLXIX. With appendix London: 1790 (Fifth edition) Sp Coll Mu6-d.12 

James Cruikshank Roger Reminiscences of a four weeks' tour in Scotland; with notes and memoranda relating to sundry matters of antiquity London: 1895 T5 (superscript 2)-c.19  (NB. item not in Special Collections: please apply at the Lending Services Desk)

Sir John Stoddart Remarks on local scenery and manners in Scotland during the years 1799 and 1800 London: 1801 Sp Coll BG52-d.4-5

Richard Sullivan Observations made during a tour through parts of England, Scotland, and Wales. In a series of letters London: 1780 Sp Coll Bm10-e.10 

Joseph Taylor A journey to Edenborough in Scotland... now first printed from the original manuscript Edinburgh: 1903 Sp Coll Mu8-c.20 

The tour of Doctor Prosody, in search of the antique and picturesque, through Scotland, the Hebrides, the Orkney and Shetland Isles... London: 1821 Sp Coll Hepburn 212 

Queen Victoria Leaves from the journal of our life in the Highlands, from 1848 to 1861. To which are prefixed and added extracts from the same journal giving an account of earlier visits to Scotland, and tours in England and Ireland, and various yachting excursions London: 1868 (Second edition) Sp Coll T.C.L. 466 

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