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Graphic Design and Visual Culture in Europe 1890-1945

Private Press Books in Special Collections

Alphabetical listing of books by press

Abbey - Alcuin - Ancora - Anvil - Auchinleck - Auchwedden - Ballantyne - Beaumont - Bird & Bull - Black Pennell - Blakeney - Bodini - Bowling Green - Brewhouse - Candle- Chiswick - Cummington - Daniel - De La More - Dropmore - Franfrolico - Fleuron - Florence - Garswood - Golden Cockerel - Grange - Gregynog - Gresham - Hesperides - Hurdis - Kelmscott - Lee Priory - Lion & Unicorn - Mandrake - Merrymount - Mount Vernon - Nonesuch - Old Stile - Partick - Pinus - Plantin (LA) - Plimpton - Porpoise - Reading - Riccardi - Riverside - Rochester - Shakespeare Head - Southworth - Stanton - Strawberry Hill - Thurneisser- UCL - Vale - Walpole - Westgate - Whittington - Windhover


Abbey Press

The book of Job.
London: Printed at the Abbey Press, Edinburgh, and published by George Bell, 1902.
With drawings by Robert T. Rose.
Sp Coll Hepburn 268.

Alcuin Press

Cavendish, George, 1500-1561? 
The life and death of Thomas Wolsey, the great Cardinal of England 
London: Alcuin Press, 1930.
Three hundred and twenty-five copies of this edition, of which three hundred are for sale, have been printed by H.P.R. Finberg at the Alcuin Press ... This copy is numbered 101.
Sp Coll q386.

Ancora Press (Monash University)

Monro, Hector
The sonneteer's history of philosophy 
[Clayton[Vic.] : Ancora Press, 1981.
Library's copy signed by the author.
Sp Coll Bm 20-g.25

Anvil Press

Tyndale, William, ca.1500-1536.
The Newe Testamente M.D. XXVI. The Gospell of S. Matthew.
Lexington, Ky. : Anvil Press, 1955.
300 copies printed.
Sp Coll 719.

Auchinleck Press

Boswell, Sir, Alexander, 1775-1822.
The woo-creel, or, The Bill o' Bashan : a tale
Auchinleck : Printed by James Sutherland, 1816.
Sp Coll Mu49-c.18 & Sp Coll RQ 1259.

Churchyard, Thomas, 1520?-1604.
The mirror of man, and manners of men
Auchinleck, 1816.
Sp Coll Mu45-a.19.

Churchyard, Thomas, 1520?-1604
A musicall consort of heavenly harmonie called Churchyards charitie and A praise of poetrie
Auchinleck, 1817.
Sp Coll Mu45-a.19 & Sp Coll Mu45-a.20.

Ane tractat of a part of ye Yngliss Cronikle, shawand of yar kings part of yar ewill & cursit gouernance and yer unhappie lynage, als weil fra autentik writ als fra yar awne fenzeit Policronicon.
[Auchinleck] : Printed at the Auchinleck Press, 1818.
Sp Coll Mu45-a.22 & Sp Coll RQ 1261.

The Scottish souldier Wight to the kings most excellent maiesty by Lawder.
[Auchinleck] : Printed at the Auchinleck Press, 1818.
Sp Coll Mu45-a.25 & Sp Coll Mu45-a.26 & Sp Coll BD20-b.19 & Sp Coll RQ 1262.

Skeldon haughs; or, the sow is flitted
[edited by Sir A.Boswell]
Auchinleck, 1816.
Sp Coll Mu49-b.14.

Auchwedden Press, Peterhead (Peter Buchan)

Buchan, Peter, 1790-1854.
Annals of Peterhead, from its foundation to the present time ... 
Peterhead : Printed at the Auchweddenpress by the author, 1819.
Sp Coll Mu2-c.2.

Buchan, Peter, 1790-1854.
An historical and authentic account of the ancient and noble family of Keith, Earls Marichal of Scotland ... Also, a full and circumstantial account of all the attainted Scottish noblemen, who lost their titles and estates in 1715 and 1745 ... 
Peterhead : Printed by P. Buchan for Clark and Sangster, 1820.
The Hepburn copy is in the original boards.
Sp Coll Hepburn 302 & Sp Coll Stone 114 & Sp Coll Mu7-e.14

Ballantyne Press, London & Edinburgh

Daphnis and Chloe : a most sweet and pleasant pastoral romance for young ladies, done into English by Geo. Thornley.
[London] : [Sold by E. Mathews & J. Lane], [1893]
Sp Coll P.A.A. q106.

James, I, King of Scotland, 1394-1437.
The Kingis quair.
London : Ballantyne Press, 1903.
Sp Coll q478.

Beaumont press

ie. Cyril William Beaumont, 75 Charing Cross Road, London

Flecker, James Elroy, 1884-1915.
The letters of J.E. Flecker to Frank Savery.
London : Beaumont Press, 1926.
Sp Coll q477.

Bird & Bull Press, Newton Pennsylvania

Feather, John.
English book prospectuses : an illustrated history.
Newtown : Bird & Bull Press, 1984.
No. 233 of an ed. of 325 copies.
Sp Coll RQ 722.

Schmoller, Hans
Mr. Gladstone's washi : a survey of Reports on the manufacture of paper in Japan : The Parkes Report of 1871
Newtown(Pa.) : Bird & Bull, 1984.
Sp Coll Bm20-g.22-23.

Wolfe, Richard J.
On improvements in marbling the edges of books and paper : a nineteenth century marbling account explained and illustrated with fourteen original marbled samples 
Newtown, Pa. : Bird & Bull Press, 1983.
Sp Coll RB 1290.

Black Pennell Press, Greenock

Bewick, Thomas, 1753-1828.
The howdy ; and the upgetting.
Greenock : The Black Pennell Press, 1987.
No. 6 of a limited ed. of 120 copies; Five engravings, four by Thomas Bewick and one by his pupil John Jackson.
Sp Coll RB 1459.

Bewick, Thomas, 1753-1828.
Waiting for death : an unfinished wood engraving by Thomas Bewick.
Greenock : Printed by Thomas Rae, the Black Pennell Press, 1982.
No. 156 of a limited ed. of 250 copies.
Sp Coll Bm20-g.7.

Boisguilbert, P. Le Pesant Pierre Le Pesant, sieur de, 1646-1714.
The death of Mary Queen of Scots : from "The life of Mary StewartQueen of Scotland & France written originally in French and now done into English".
[Greenock] : Black Pennell Press, 1984.
Sp Coll RB 1373.

Cupid's guide to the wedding ring : containing full information on courtship and marriage.
Greenock : The Black Pennell Press, 1987.
Illustrations by Rosemary Roberts.
No.28 of a limited ed. of 135 copies.
Sp Coll RB 1495.

Four tales of the Clyde 
Greenock : Black Pennell Press, 1983.
Limited ed. of 200 numbered copies.
Sp Coll RB 1291.

McAlpine, John
Genuine narratives and concise memoirs of some of the most interesting exploits and singular adventures of John McAlpine a native highlander : from the time of his emigration from Scotland to America 1773...
Greenock : The Black Pennell Press, 1985.
Edited by Thomas Rae with wood engravings by Kathleen M. Lindsley.
No.32 of an edition of 226 copies.
Sp Coll RB 1365.

Rae, Thomas, 1928-
Handmade books produced in limited editions by Thomas Rae since 1955 : a check-list.
Greenock : Black Pennell Press, 1983.
Sp Coll RB 1292.

Rules and directions to be observed in printing-houses.
Greenock : The Black Pennell Press, 1988.
No.12 of a limited ed. of 200 copies.
Sp Coll RB 1520.

Songs of the press, and other poems relative to the art of printing.
Greenock : The Black Pennell Press, 1983.
Sp Coll Bm20-g.17.

Wordsworth , William , 1770-1850.
William Wordsworth in Scotland : a selection from the poems inspired by his visit to Scotland in 1803.
Greenock : The Black Pennell Press, 1987.
No.6 of a limited ed. of c.85.
Sp Coll RQ 730

Blakeney, Winchester

Meredith, George, 1828-1909.
George Meredith on John Morley; Glasgow University Rectorial Election, 1902.
Winchester : Printed for Maurice Buxton Forman at Mr Blakeney's Private Press, 1936.
Sp Coll 935.

Bodoni Press, Verona

MacDiarmid, Hugh, 1892-1978.
The kind of poetry I want
Edinburgh : Duval, 1961.
This edition consists of three hundred numbered copies printed ... on the hand press of the Officina Bodoni in Verona. All copies are signed by the author. This copy is number 12.
 Sp Coll f300.

Bowling Green Press, New York

Moore, George, 1852-1933.
The making of an immortal; a play in one act 
New York : Bowling Green Press, 1927.
1240 copies printed at the Printing House of William Edwin Rudge, Mount Vernon, New York, August, 1927. Each copy signed by the author. This is number 778.
Sp Coll 936.

Brewhouse Press

Cave, Roderick.
Typographia naturalis 
Wymondham : Brewhouse Press, 1967.
Limited edition of 333 numbered copies. This in No.115.
Sp Coll f71.

Candle Press, Dublin

Young, Ella.
The rose of heaven; poems by Ella Young ...
Dublin : Candle Press, 1920.
Sp Coll q476.

Chiswick Press

Hamilton, Walter, 1844-1899.
A sketch of the drama in England during the last three centuries
London : Chiswick Press, 1890.
No.45 of a limited ed. of 201 copies, presented by the author to John Farmer, 1891.
Sp Coll RB 1321.

Lovelace, Ralph Milbanke, Earl of.
Astarte : a fragment of truth concerning George Gordon Byron, Sixth Lord Byron
London : Printed at the Chiswick Press, 1905.
Sp Coll RQ 653.

Cummington Press, Cummington, Mass.

Defoe, Daniel, 1660-1731.
The meditations of Daniel Defoe. Now first printed 
Cummington, Mass. : Cummington Press, 1946.
280 copies printed. This is no.191.
Sp Coll q471.

Daniel Press, Oxford

Bridges, Robert Seymour.
Peace ode written on the conclusion of the Three Years' War 
Oxford : Daniel Press, 1903
Sp Coll q479.

De La More Press

Browne, Sir, Thomas, 1605-1682.
On dreams. / By Sir Thomas Browne ... With decorations by I. de B. Lockyer.
London : De la More Press, 1920.
On hand made paper, issued in printed wrappers.
Sp Coll Monro 197.

Dropmore Press, London

George, VI, King of Great Britain.
The Royal Philatelic Collection 
London : Published by The Viscount Kemsley at the Dropmore Press, c1952.
Sp Coll RF 407.

Nicolson, Sir, Harold, 1886-1968.
The English sense of humour; an essay
London : Dropmore Press, 1946
550 copies printed. This is no.462.
Sp Coll q473.

Shanks, Edward.
The universal war and the universal state 
London : Dropmore Press, 1946.
550 copied printed. This is no.177.
Sp Coll q472.

Fanfrolico Press

5 Bloomsbury Square, London

Beddoes, Thomas Lovell, 1803-1849.
The complete works of Thomas Lovell Beddoes
London : Fanfrolico Press, 1928.
Edition limited to 750 copies. This is no.295.
Sp Coll q474-475.

Fleuron Press, London

Keynes, Sir, Geoffrey Geoffrey Langdon, 1887-1982.
William Pickering, publisher : a memoir and a hand-list of his editions.
London : The Fleuron, 1924.
Limited ed. of 350 copies.
Sp Coll RQ 738.

Florence press

Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963.
Essays new and old 
London : Chatto and Windus, 1926.
Signed by author; 650 copies printed. No.43.
Sp Coll q455.

Garswood Press

Boorde, Andrew
The dyetary of helth; The wisdom of Andrew Boorde 
Leicester : Edgar Backus, 1936.
Edition limited to 550 numbered copies.
Sp Coll q453.

Golden Cockerel Press

Barclay, John, 1582-1621.
Euphormio's Satyricon
London : Golden Cockerel Press, 1954.
Edition limited to 260 copies. Copy no.130.
Sp Coll q436.

Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian, 1868-1926.
The Arab war; confidential information for General Headquarters from Gertrude Bell, being despatches reprinted from the secret "Arab Bulletin" ...
London : Golden Cockerel Press, 1940.
Edition limited to 500 numbered copies. This is no.347.
Sp Coll q462.

Browne, Sir, Thomas, 1605-1682.
A letter to a friend upon the occasion of the death of an intimate friend, together with Christian morals 
Waltham Saint Lawrence : Golden Cockerel Press, 1923.
Edition limited to 115 copies of which this is no.61.
Sp Coll Monro 155.

Browne, Sir, Thomas, 1605-1682.
Religio medici
Waltham Saint Lawrence : Golden Cockerel Press, 1923.
Sp Coll Monro 58.

The first crusade the deeds of the Franks and other Jerusalemites: Gesta Francorum et aliorum Hierosolimitanorum translated into English for the first time by Somerset De Chair engravings by Clifford Webb
[London] :Golden Cockerel Press 1945
Limited to 500 numbered copies ... Copy number: 475.
Sp Coll Stone q81

Hogg, Thomas Jefferson.
The Athenians; being correspondence between Thomas Jefferson Hogg and his friends, Thomas Love Peacock, Leigh Hunt, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and others / edited by Walter Sidney Scott.
London : Golden Cockerel Press, 1943.
Edition limited to 350 numbered copies. This is no.271.
Sp Coll q468.

Hudson, W. H. William Henry, 1841-1922.
W.H. Hudson's letters to R.B. Cunninghame Graham, with a few to Cunningham Graham's mother Mrs Bontine 
London : Goldren Cockerel Press, 1941.
Edition limited to 250 numbered copies. Copy number 135.
Sp Coll 1128.

Lacombe, Jean de, Sieur de Quercy.
A compendium of the East; being an account of voyages to the Grand Indies made by the Sieur Jean de Lacombe, of Quercy, formerly captain at arms in the service of the Company of the Indies of Holland. Now published for the first time ... in an English translation by Stephanie and Denis Clark. Edited with an introduction and notes, by Ashley Gibson ...
London : Golden Cockerel Press, 1937.
Edition limited to 300 copies.
Sp Coll f296.

Lawrence, T. E. Thomas Edward, 1888-1935.
Crusader castles
London : Golden Cockerel Press, 1936.
Edition limited to 1000 numbered copies. This is no.389.
Sp Coll q464-465.

Lawrence, T. E. Thomas Edward, 1888-1935.
Shaw - Ede; T.E. Lawrence's letters to H.S. Ede, 1927-1935.
London : Golden Cockerel Press, 1942.
Edition limited to 500 numbered copies. This is no.66.
Sp Coll q466.

Lucian, of Samosata, ca.115-ca.200.
The true historie of Lucian ... Translated from the Greeke into English by Francis Hickes ... together with the Greeke ...
Waltham Saint Lawrence : Golden Cockerel Press, 1927.
Edition limited to 275 copies, of which this is number 266; with wood engravings by Robert Gibbings
Sp Coll f303.

The Golden Cockerel Mabinogion; a new translation from the White Book of Rhydderch and the Red Book of Hergest by Gwyn Jones and Thomas Jones ...
London : Golden Cockerel Press, 1948.
Edition limited to 550 numbered copies, of which this is number 513.
Sp Coll f301.

Miller, Patrick.
The green ship
London : Golden Cockerel Press, 1936.
Edition limited to 200 copies. This is no.130; with wood engravings by Eric Gill
Sp Coll q457.

Miller, Patrick.
Woman in detail : a scientific survey 
[London] : The Golden Cockerel Press, 1947.
No. 274 of a limited edition of 550 copies.
Sp Coll RQ 1298.

More, Sir Thomas Saint 1478-1535
Reading, Berks. Golden Cockerel Press 1929
Printed by Robert Gibbings at the Golden Cockerel Press ...decorations are by Eric Gill ... limited to 500 numbered copies
 Sp Coll Stone q98

Philby, H. St. J. B. Harry St. John Bridger 1885-1960
A pilgrim in Arabia
London Golden Cockerel Press 1943
Edition limited to 350 numbered copies. This is no.332
Sp Coll q463

Rutter, Owen
The first fleet; the record of the foundation of Australia from its conception to the settlement at Sydney Cove. Compiled from the original documents in the Public Record Office, with extracts from the log-books of H.M.S. Sirius and an introduction and notes, by Owen Rutter
London Golden Cockerel Press 1937
Edition limited to 375 copies, of which this is number 63; with illustrations by Peter Barker-Mill
Sp Coll f298

Harriet and Mary; being the relations between Percy Bysshe Shelley, Harriet Shelley, Mary Shelley, and Thomas Jefferson Hogg, as shown in letters between them now published for the first time edited by Walter Sidney Scott
London Golden Cockerel Press 1944
Edition limited to 500 numbered copies. This is no.246
Sp Coll q469

Shelley, Percy Bysshe 1792-1822
Shelley at Oxford; the early correspondence of P.B. Shelley with his friend T.J. Hogg, together with letters of Mary Shelley and T.L. Peacock and a hitherto unknown prose fragment by Shelley edited by Walter Sidney Scott
London Golden Cockerel Press 1944
Edition limited to 500 numbered copies. This is no.79
Sp Coll q470

Grange Press, Darlington

Pennant, Thomas 1726-1798
Of the Patagonians. Formed from the relation of Father Falkener a Jesuit who had resided among them thirty eight years. And from the different voyagers who had met with this tall race 
Darlington 1788
Sp Coll BD15-b.26

A catalogue of books and tracts. printed at the private press of George Allan, Esq., F. S. A. [By John Trotter Brockett]
Newcastle 1818
Sp Coll BD17-b.11

Gregynog Press Newtown, Mpontgomeryshire

Shaw, Bernard George Bernard 1856-1950
Shaw gives himself away; an autobiographical miscellany
Newton, Montgomeryshire Gregynog Press 1939
300 copies printed. This is no.49
Sp Coll q496

Gresham Press

Heckethorn, Charles William
The printers of Basle in the XV. & XVI. centuries their biographies, printed books and devices 
London Printed by Unwin Brothers at the Gresham Press 1897
Sp Coll Mu37-a.6

Hesperides Press

Maplet, John d. 1592
A greene forest or a naturall histoire ... compiled by John Maplet ...
London Hesperides Press 1930
Edition limited to 575 copies
Sp Coll q458

Hurdis, James, Rev. Bishopstone, Sussex

Hurdis, James
The village currate, a poem ...
Bishopstone: 1797
Sp Coll c.8.5

Kelmscott Press

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor 1772-1834
Poems chosen out of the works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Hammersmith: Kelmscott P. 1896
Sp Coll 1124

William, Archbishop of Tyre ca.1130-ca.1190
The history of Godefrey of Boloyne and of the conquest of Jherusalem
London Kelmscott Press 1893
Sp Coll q435

Meinhold, Wilhelm
Sidonia the sorceress by William Meinhold; translated by Francesca Speranza, Lady Wilde
Hammersmith Kelmscott Press 1893
Given by Mrs William Morris in memory of her husband, 1897
Sp Coll f197

Morris, William 1834-1896
Gothic architecture: a lecture for the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society by William Morris
Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press 1893
Sp Coll 1126

Morris, William 1834-1896
The well at the world's end 
[London]: [Kelmscott Press] [1896]
Sp Coll f295

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel 1828-1882
Ballads and narrative poems
[Hammersmith] :[Printed by William Morris at the Kelmscott Press and published by Ellis & Elvey] [1893]
Sp Coll Hepburn 246

Ruskin, John 1819-1900
The nature of Gothic; a chapter of The stones of Venice
London George Allen 1892
Printed at the Kelmscott Press
Sp Coll 1127

Shakespeare, William 1564-1616
The poems of William Shakespeare, printed after the original copies of Venus and Adonis, 1953. The rape of Lucrece, 1594. Sonnets, 1609. The lover's complaint
Hammersmith Kelmscott Press 1893
Sp Coll 1125

Lee Priory Press 

Sir Egerton Brydges, bart., Lee Priory, near Canterbury

Brydges, Sir Egerton 1762-1837
The sylvan wanderer; consisting of a series of moral, sentimental, and critical essays
Lee Priory 1813-1817
Sp Coll BD15-b.1

Lion and Unicorn press, Royal college of Art, London

Wilkes, John 1727-1797
The life of John Wilkes, patriot; an unfinished autobiography ...
London Lion and Unicorn Press 1955
This edition is limited to 200 copies
Sp Coll q500

Mandrake press Bloomsbury, London

Boccaccio, Giovanni 1313-1375
Amorous Fiametta, by Giovanni Boccaccio; reprinted from the original English edition, translation of Bartholomew Young
London: Mandrake Press 1929
Sp Coll Hepburn q15

Warlock, Peter 1894-1930
Merry-go-down; a gallery of gorgeous drunkards through the ages. Collected ... by Rab Noolas ...
London Mandrake Press 1929
This book was printed and made by the Crypt House Press Limited, Gloucester ... Published by the Mandrake Press ...; The edition is limited to 600 copies. This is number 385
Sp Coll q438

Merrymount Press, Boston

Apuleius, Lucius
The story of Cupid and Psyche, done into English from the Latin of Lucius Apuleius by Walter Pater. Illustrated with drawings by Raphael
New York: Russell 1901
Typography and preswork by the Merrydown Press.
Sp Coll Whistler 105

Updike, Daniel Berkeley
In the day's work by Daniel Berkeley Updike
Cambridge, Mass. Harvard University Press 1924
260 copies of this edition, of which 250 are for sale, were printed at The Merrymount Press, Boston, September, 1924. This copy is number 124
Sp Coll q220

Mount Vernon

Mather Increase 1639-1723
Several reasons proving that inoculation or transplanting the small pox, is a lawful practice, and that it has been blessed by God for the saving of many a life by Increase Mather. Sentiments on the small pox inoculated by Coton Mather
Cleveland, O. Printed for private distribution 1921
95 copies of this book, designed by Bruce Rogers, were printed by William Edwin Rudge, at Mount Vernon, New York, in August, 1921. This copy is number 87
Sp Coll 1133

Nonesuch Press

16 Great James Street, Bloomsbury

Beckford, William 1760-1844
Vathek by William Beckford. A new translation by Herbert B. Grimsditch
London: Nonesuch Press 1929
This edition consists of 1050 copies for sale in England ... and 500 copies for sale in the United States ... This is no.137
Sp Coll q441

The Holy Bible reprinted according to the Authorised version 1611
London:  Nonesuch Press New York Dial Press 1924-1927
Volumes unnumbered; last volume (New Testament) has colophon: "This book has been printed by John Johnson, printer to the University, at the Oxford University Press, where the proofs have been read. It completes in June of the year 1927 the edition of the Bible put out by the Nonesuch Press in 5 volumes, of which that containing the Apocrypha was published in December, 1924; Genesis to Ruth in May, 1925; Samuel to Psalms in December 1925; Proverbs to Malachi in August, 1926. The copperplates have been designed and engraved by Stephen Gooden. The typography has been arranged by Francis Meynell. The edition is limited to 1,000 copies on japon vellum and 75 copies on Arnold unbleached rag paper for sale in England and America."  This set is on japon vellum
Sp Coll RQ 1045-RQ 1049 & Sp Coll q501-q505

Blake, William 1757-1827
The note-book of William Blake called the Rossetti manuscript edited by Geoffrey Keynes
London Nonesuch Press 1935
Edition limited to 650 copies. This is no.107
Sp Coll q440

Congreve, William 1670-1729
The complete works of William Congreve edited by Montague Summers
London: Nonesuch Press 1923
Edition limited to 900 sets of 4 vols. This is no.173
Sp Coll q484-487

Donne, John 1572-1631
Ten sermons preached by ... John Donne ... Chosen from the whole body of Donne's sermons by Geoffrey Keynes
[London] [Nonesuch Press] [1923]
The edition is limited to 725 copies of which this is number 433
Sp Coll f297

Evelyn, John 1620-1706
Memoires for my grand-son by John Evelyn transcribed and furnished with a preface and notes by Geoffrey Keynes
London: Nonesuch Press 1926
Limited edition of 1250 copies in slip case of which these are no.627 (Sp Coll RB 2024) & no.845 (Sp Coll 1130)
Sp Coll RB 2024 & Sp Coll 1130

Farquhar, George 1678-1707
The complete works of George Farquhar; edited by Charles Stonehill
Bloomsbury: Nonesuch Press 1930
Sp Coll q417-418

Harvey, William 1578-1657
The anatomical exercise of Dr. William Harvey, De motu cordis 1628: De circulaione sanguinis 1649: the first English text of 1653 now newly edited by Geoffrey Keynes
London: Nonesuch Press 1928
Edition limited to 1450 copies. Copy number 948
Sp Coll 1131

The Iliad 
London Nonesuch Press 1931
Limited edition of 925 copies for sale in England and 525 copies for sale in the United States by Random House
Sp Coll RQ 1055 & Sp Coll Hepburn q12

Hudson, W. H. William Henry 1841-1922
153 letters from W.H. Hudson edited and with an introduction and explanatory notes by Edward Garnett
London: Nonesuch Press 1923
Edition limited to 1000 numbered copies. This is no.504
Sp Coll q456

Melville, Herman 1819-1891
Benito Cereno by Herman Melville with pictures by E. McKnight
London: Nonesuch Press 1926
Limited edition of 1650 copies in slip case
Sp Coll RQ 1053 & Sp Coll f304

Meredith, George 1828-1909
The letters of George Meredith to Alice Meynell, with annotations thereto, 1896-1907
London: Nonesuch Press 1923
Edition limited to 850 copies. This is no.504
Sp Coll q459

Moore, George 1852-1933
Ulick and Soracha
London: Nonesuch Press 1926
Signed by the author; 1250 copies printed. This is No.635
Sp Coll q242

Pythian odes translated by H.T. Wade-Gery and C.M. Bowra
London: Nonesuch Press 1928
Edition of 1050 copies. Number 1395
Sp Coll 1132

Pope, Alexander 1688-1744
Pope's own miscellany; being a reprint of Poems on several occasions, 1717, containing new poems, by Alexander Pope and others
London:  Nonesuch Press 1935
Of this edition, designed by Francis Meynell, 750 copies have been printed ... at the University Press, Oxford. This is number 585
Sp Coll q437

Rochester, John Wilmot 2nd Earl of 1647-1680
Collected works of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester edited by John Hayward
London: Nonesuch Press 1926
Edition limited to 975 copies. This is no.158
Sp Coll q492

Ros, Amanda McKittrick
Irene Iddesleigh a novel 
London Nonesuch Press 1926
Limited edition of 1250 copies of which this is no.153
Sp Coll RB 2023 & Sp Coll 1143

Shakespeare, William 1564-1616
The works of Shakespeare. The text of the first folio with quarto variants and a selection of modern readings edited by Herbert Farjeon
London:  Nonesuch Press New York Random House 1929-1933
Limited edition of 1050 copies of which these are no.264 (Sp Coll q310-316) & no.923 (Sp Coll RB2012-2018)
Sp Coll RB 2012-2018 & Sp Coll q310-q316

Vanbrugh, Sir John 1664-1726
The complete works of Sir John Vanbrugh. The plays edited by Bonamy Dobree; the letters edited by Geoffrey Webb
London: Nonesuch Press 1927
Edition limited to 1300 sets of 4 vols on machine-made paper (numbered 111 to 1410), and 110 sets on English hand-made paper (numbered 1 to 100). This is no.1172
Sp Coll q488-491

Wycherley, William 1640-1716
The complete works of William Wycherley edited by Montague Summers
London: Nonesuch Press 1924
Edition limited to 900 sets of 4 vols. This is no.151
Sp Coll q480-483

The Old Stile Press, London

Brown, George Mackay 1921-1996
Keepers of the house
London: Old Stile Press c1986
Illustrated by Gillian Martin
No.6 of a limited ed. of 225 copies, each signed by the author and the artist
Sp Coll S.P. 359

The Old Stile Press, Llandogo

Macneill, Alyson
Twenty-three wood-engravings for "The song of the forest" by Colin Mackay
Llandogo: Old Stile Press
No.29 of the main edition of 160 copies signed by the artist
Sp Coll P.A.A. 122

The Partick Press, Oxford

Hanley, Sylvanus Charles Thorp 1819-1899
Conchologia Indica illustrations of the land and fresh-water shells of British India
Sp Coll RQ 697

Pinus, Ad insigne

Hieroglyphica Horapollinis, a Davide Hoeschelio fide Codicis Augustani ms. correcta, suppleta, illustrata
Augustae Vindelicorum: ab insigne pinus 1595
Sp Coll S.M. Add. 79

Plantin Press, LA

Huston, Kenneth Garth
Sir Kenelm Digby: checklist 
Los Angeles [s.n.] 1969
One of 100 copies printed by Saul and Lillian Marks at the Plantin Press, Los Angeles, for K.G. Huston
Sp Coll Ferguson Add. 65

Plimpton Press, Norwood, Mass.

Cobden-Sanderson, Thomas James 1840-1922
The ideal book or book beautiful; a tract on calligraphy, printing and illustration and on the book beautiful as a whole
Norwood, Mass.: Plimpton Press 1913
Sp Coll 808

Porpoise Press, Edinburgh

Ferguson, Robert 1634-1714
Scots poems
Edinburgh: Porpoise Press 1925
550 copies printed. No.550
Sp Coll q442

Reading University

Collegium Privatum, Amsterdam
Observationes anatomicae selectiores Amstelodamensium 1667. 
Reading: University of Reading 1938
Sp Coll 1136

Charles I, Great Britain Sovereign 1625-1648 
The Book of Orders of 1630/1. Reprinted at the University of Reading, in the year 1940
Reading: University of Reading 1940
Sp Coll 1135

Riccardi Press

Quinti Horati Opera omnia cura E.C. Wickham
Londini: Impensis Mediceae Societatis 1910
Typis Riccardi a Caralo T. Jacobi novissime excusi; no 528 of 1000 paper copies
Sp Coll q439

Shakespeare, William 1564-1616
Gulielmi Shakespeare carmina quae sonnets nuncupantur latien reddita ab Alvredo Thoma Barton ... Edenda curavit Joannes Harrower
Londini: Typis Riccardi Amicorum impensis excusi a Philippo H. Lee Warner 1913
 This is no.87 of 150 numbered copies
Sp Coll q521

Swinburne, Algernon Charles 1837-1909
Atalanta in Calydon: a tragedy 
London Medici Society 1923
Riccardi Press booklets;  Limited edition of 1000 copies for sale. This copy no.753
Sp Coll 2668

Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson Baron 1809-1892
In memoriam
London: Philip Lee Warner, publisher to the Medici Society Ltd.1914
The Riccardi Press booklets; One of 1000 copies on paper
Sp Coll q288

Riverside Press

Bernard, Auguste Auguste Joseph 1811-1868
Geofroy Tory: painter and engraver: first Royal printer: reformer of orthography and typography under Francois I. An account of his life and works, by Auguste Bernard, translated by George B. Ives
Boston, Mass. Riverside Press 1909
No.154 of 370 copies signed by Bruce Rogers
Sp Coll q425

Rochester press

Roffe, Edwin
British monumental inscriptions gathered occasionally, from divers churchyards
London 1859-1861
Sp Coll BD16-f.20,21

Shakespeare Head Press

Achilles Tatius
The loves of Clitophon and Leucippe. Translated from the Greek of Achilles Tatius by William Burton
Oxford: Blackwell 1923
394 copies printed. This is no.217
Sp Coll q497

Boccaccio, Giovanni 1313-1375
Boccaccio's Decameron
Oxford: Printed at the Shakespeare Head Press and published by Basil Blackwell 1934-1935
Sp Coll Hepburn q13-14

Englands Helicon reprinted from the edition of 1600 with additional poems from the edition of 1614
London: Frederick Etchells and Hugh Macdonald 1925
Of this edition, printed in England at the Shakespeare Head Press on Kentish all-rag paper, 900 numbered copies have been issued. In addition, 50 copies have been printed on Batchelor's Kelmscott paper numbered 1 to 50. This is a review copy.
Sp Coll q259

Malory, Sir Thomas 15th cent.
The noble and joyous boke entytled le Morte Darthur ... Whyche boke was reduced in to Englysshe by the well dysposyd knyghte Syr Thomas Malory
Oxford: Printed at the Shakespeare Head Press and published by Basil Blackwell 1933
Sp Coll Hepburn q10-11 & Sp Coll q415-416

Ovid 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D
Ovyde hys booke of Methamorphose, books X-XV translated by William Caxton
Oxford: Blackwell 1924
Newly printed from the manuscript in the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge
375 copies printed. This is no.11
Sp Coll q498

Pindar's odes of victory: the Nemean and Isthmian odes with an introduction and a translation into English verse by C.J. Billson. Embellished with wood-engravings by John Farleigh
Oxford: Blackwell 1930
Printed at the Shakespeare Head Press. Stratford-upon-Avon
No.151 of 250 copies
Sp Coll f137

Spenser, Edmund 1552?-1599
The works 
Oxford: Printed at the Shakespeare Head Press and published for the Press by Basil Blackwell 1930-1932
Edition limited to 375 copies of which these are no.245 (Sp Coll q289-296) and no.219 (Stone q242-q249)
Sp Coll q289-296 & Sp Coll Stone q242-q249

Southworth Press, Portland, Maine

Lone, Emma Miriam
Some noteworthy firsts in Europe during the fifteenth century
New York:  Harper 1930
425 copies printed by Fred Anthoensen, The Southworth Press, Portland, Maine. This copy is number 68
Sp Coll q221

Stanton Press 

Richard & Elinor Lambert, Dodona, World's End Lane, Chelsfield

Binyon, Laurence 1869-1943
The sirens
Chelsfield: Stanton Press 1924
Edition limited to five copies on vellum, and 200 copies on Kelmscott hand-made paper, of which this is no.131
Sp Coll q499

Strawberry Hill Press

Garrick, David (1717-1779)
To Mr. Gray, on his Odes 
Strawberry Hill: n.d.
Sp Coll BD15-b.18 (item 1)

Hentzner, Paul
A journey into England. In the year M.D.XC.VIII. 
Strawberry Hill: 1757
Sp Coll BD15-g.25

Henault Charles-Jean-Francois
Cornelie Vestale: tragedie
Strawberry-Hill: 1768
Presentation-copy, with inscription beginning: 'Mr. Walpole is so much obliged to Dr Hunter...'
Sp Coll Hunterian Cz.3.37

Herbert of Cherbury, Edward Herbert, Baron (1581 or 2-1648)
The life of Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury, written by himself.
Strawberry-Hill: 1764
Sp Coll Hunterian Db.1.20

Jones, Sir William (1746-1794)
The muse recalled, an ode, occasioned by the nuptials of Lord Viscount Althorp and Miss Lavinia Bingham ... 
Strawberry Hill: 1781
Limited edition of 250
Sp Coll BD15-b.18 (item 5)

Lucan 39-65
M. Annaei Lucani Pharsalia cum notis Hugonis Grotti, et Richardi Bentleii ...
Strawberry Hill:  Strawberry Hill Press 1760
Sp Coll f319

Miller, Charles
To Lady Horatia Waldegrave, on the death of the Duke of Ancaster
Strawberry Hill: 1779
Sp Coll BD15-b.18 (item 2)

More,  Hannah (1745-1833)
Bishop Bonner's ghost 
Strawberry Hill: 1789
Sp Coll BD15-b.18 (item 3)

Spence, Joseph (1699-1768)
A parallel; in the manner of Plutarch: between a most celebrated man of Florence [Antonio Magliabecchi]; and one, scarce ever heard of, in England 
Strawberry Hill: 1758
Sp Coll BD15-g.27

Temple, Anna Chamber,  Countess
Strawberry-Hill: 1764
Sp Coll BD15-a.2

Vertue, George
Anecdotes of painting in England; with some account of the principal artists; and incidental notes on other arts; collected by the late Mr. George Vertue; and now digested and published from his original MSS. by Mr. Horace Walpole
Strawberry-Hill: 1762-1763
Sp Coll Hunterian Dd.2.13-15

Vertue, George
A catalogue of engravers, who have been born, or resided in England; digested by Mr. Horace Walpole from the MSS. of Mr. George Vertue; to which is added an account of the lite and works of the latter
Strawberry-Hill: 1763
Sp Coll Hunterian Dd.2.16

Walpole Horace (1717-1797)
A catalogue of the royal and noble authors of England, and lists of their works
Strawberry Hill: 1758
Sp Coll Bm2-i.8,9

Walpole, Horace (1717-1797)
A description of the villa of Horace Walpole ... at Strawberry Hill, near Twickenham. With an inventory of the furniture, pictures, curiosities, &c.
Strawberry-Hill:  printed by Thomas Kirgate 1774-1786
Sp Coll S.M. 1539

Walpole, Horace (1717-1797)
Essai sur l'art des jardins modernes, traduit en francois par M. le Duc de Nivernois, en MDCCLXXXIV. 
Strawberry Hill: 1785
Sp Coll BD15-b.19

Walpole, Horace (1717-1797)
The magpie and her brood, a fable... 
Strawberry Hill: n.d.
Sp Coll BD15-b.18 (item 4)

Walpole, Horace (1717-1797)
Miscellaneous antiquities; or, a collection of curious papers: either republished from scarce tracts, or now first printed from original MSS.
Strawberry Hill:  1772
Sp Coll BD15-b.17

Walpole, Horace (1717-1797)
Prosperity to Houghton. Houghton hare-hunting. 2 ballads
Strawberry Hill:  n.d.
Sp Coll BD15-b.18 (item 6)

Whitworth, Charles Lord
An account of Russia as it was in the year 1710
Strawberry Hill: 1758
Sp Coll BD15-g.26

Thurneisser Zum Thurn, Leonhardt

Thurneisser zum Thurn, Leonhardt
Historia unnd Beschreibung influentischer, elementischer und naturlicher Wirckungen, aller fremden unnd heimischen Erdgewechssen, auch jrer Subtiliteten, sampt warhafftiger und kunstlicher Conterfeitung derselbigen, auch aller Teiler, innerlicher und eusserlicher Glider am menschlichen Corper, nebend Furbildung aller zu der Extraction dienstlichen Instrumenten... Buch I
[Berlin: bey Michael Hentzsken] [1578]
Printed at the author's private press, on the premises of the Old Grey Monastery in Berlin, given to him during his years as presonal physocoan to the Elector Johann Georg of Brandenburg. The press was very well equipped, with a great variety of types.
Sp Coll Ferguson Ak-x.16

Thurneisser zum Thurn, Leonhardt
 'Ermhneia. Das ist ein onoma[s]ticum, interpretatio oder Erklerunge. Uber die frembden und unbekanten Worter, Caracter und Namen, welche in den Schrifften... Theophrasti Paracelsi, von Hohenheim gefunden werden. Das erst Teil
Berlin: im grawen Kloster 1574
Sp Coll Ferguson Ap-y.97

University College, London, Dept of English

Smith, Albert Hugh
A description of the hand-press in the Department of English, at University College, London
London: Privately printed in the Department of English at University College 1933
Sp Coll q219

Vale Press

Browne, Sir Thomas 1605-1682
Religio medici, Urn burial, Christian morals, and other essays 
London: The Vale Press 1902
Sp Coll Monro 216

James I King of Scotland 1394-1437
The Kingis quair
London: Ballantyne Press 1903
A Vale Press publication
Sp Coll q478

Walpole Press

Browne, Sir Thomas 1605-1682
On dreams 
Norwich: Walpole Press 1929
Edition limited to 250 copies of which this is number 64
Sp Coll Monro 199

Westgate Press, San Francisco

Anderson, Sherwood 1876-1941
Nearer the grass roots by Sherwood Anderson, and by the same author, an account of a journey 
San Francisco: Westgate Press 1929
Each copy signed by the author; copy no.355 of an edition of 500 copies
Sp Coll q444

Whittington Press

S.T.E. Lawrence boxwood blockmaker wood engravings collected in honour of his eightieth birthday
Wakefield S. Lawrence: 1980
Limited ed. of 250 numbered copies in a slip case
Sp Coll P.A.A. q86

Windhover Press, University of Iowa, Iowa City

Robert the devil translated by W.S. Merwin, from an anonymous French play of the XIV century with wood engravings by Roxanne Sexauer
Iowa: Windhover Press 1981
Sp Coll RF 62

Morris, William 1834-1896
Socialist diary 
Iowa: Windhover Press 1981
Sp Coll RB 1196

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