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The history of crime and punishment in Britain 1790-1870

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Bound in RF 422 [No.11] - [No.12] - [No.14] - [No.24]

Ephemera [G55] - [G57] - [G60] - [G68] - [G74] - [G85] - [G86] - [G93] - [G95] - [G97] - [G113]

Bound in RF 422

No. 11

Copy of a letter from Whitehaven giving a full and particular account of a most cruel bloody and barbarous murder of Mr Philip Troughton, of Warburthwaite near Ravinglass upon... the 21st of January last by Joshua Wilson, together with an account of his apprehending confession and commitment to Carlisle prison. Whitehaven February 9th 1784


Bound in RF 422

No. 12

The last speech, confession and dying words of Jean Craig, who was execute at Aberdeen on... the 23d day of July 1784, for the crimes of theft and house breaking


Bound in RF 422

No. 14

The second last speech and dying words of Edward Donaldson, who was execute at Stirling on... the 27th of May 1785, giving a particular account of his behaviour from the prison to and at the place of execution


Bound in RF 422

No. 24

A full and particular account of the execution of twelve malefactors, who all suffered death at Liverpool, Cambridge, and other places, in the month of April 1788, for robbery, house-breaking and theft...



Ephemera G55

The Horrid Confession of John Kean, The Cottonspinner, who was lately sent off from this city for Botany Bay ... Taken from the Glasgow Free Press of Tuesday, June 21, 1825



Ephemera G57

Execution. An account of the Behaviour and Execution of James McManus a young man belonging to Glasgow, aged 20, who was executed at Dumfries on Wednesday last ... From the Dumfries Papers of Tuesday, Oct. 24, 1826



Ephemera G60

Lamentation of John Kerr on receiving his Dead Letter, and who is to be Executed at Greenock on Wednasday next, the 6th June, 1827, for the Murder of his own Wife ...



Ephemera G68

An account of the Trial and Condemnation of a whole Family ... who were all condemned on Wednesday last to be Executed at Lancaster, convicted of having committed numerous Robberies, and become the terror of the surrounding country. Lancaster, Wednesday, Sept. 1827



Ephemera G74

Horrible Murder. An account of a most horrid, bloody, and savage Murder which was committed some time since in Suffolk, by a rich farmer on the body of his own Sweetheart ... 30th April, 1828



Ephemera G85

Lamentation for two persons under sentence of death, Thomas Conner and Bell M'Menemy [1828?]


Ephemera G86

The vision! Or thoughts of a woman condemned to suffer death. Account of the state of Bell M'Menemy, the young woman, who is to suffer death on Wednesday first, the 22nd Oct. 1828, with a serious warning to all women and young persons to beware of crime ... 18th Oct. 1828


Ephemera G93

Execution of an old woman. An account of the execution of an old woman, aged 61, who was executed in London on Monday last, for the horrid and cruel murder of a young girl by starving her to death ... (From the London Sun of April 13, 1829)


Ephemera G95

Execution: Account of the behaviour and execution of Robert Tennant ... for the most cruel, barbarous, and bloody murder of William Peddie, an old man of seventy years of age ... Stirling, Oct. 2d, 1833


Ephemera G97

Execution never equalled in history. A correct account of the trial, sentence and execution of John Brown, an old man upwards of 70 years of age, being one of the most hardened individuals who ever suffered on the scaffold, who was executed at Lancaster on Friday 22d July, 1836, for the barbarous and cruel murder of his wife ...


Ephemera G113

Lament. A short account of the life and transactions of Thomas Young, the Glasgow hangman, who died on Thursday, the 2d November, 1837, at his house in the interior of the Jail ...


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