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The Domestic Landscape 1860-1960

Resources in Special Collections

These pages aim to act as a starting point for any student wishing to explore the rich primary resources relating to the domestic landscape 1860-1960 to be found in Special Collections. As well as linking to some digitised examples of rooms from a small selection of books, a resource listing of relevant material is provided: this does not comprehensively contain every book that might be of use, but should be consulted as a guide to the kind of material available. Keyword searching of the library catalogue using terms such as home or kitchen or decoration should result in finding many more books of relevance: use the 'Modify Search' button at the bottom of the screen to narrow results down to books printed between 1860 and 1960. Remember also that illustrated fiction from the period will often contain images of domestic interiors, while trade catalogues (such as the Glasgow Post Office Directories) usually incorporate useful advertisements from contemporary manufacturers and shops.

Students are encouraged to visit Special Collections to consult this material. For further advice about using the collections, please contact Julie Gardham.

the image displayed here is a detail from the frontispiece of Principles of Decorative Design (Sp Coll PAA 112)