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Design, Politics and Commerce
International Exhibitions 1851-1951

Resources in Special Collections

These pages aim to act as a starting point for any student wishing to explore the rich primary resources relating to the great international exhibitions held between 1851 to 1951, supplementing the level 3 course Design, Politics and Commerce: International Exhibitions 1851-1951. The exhibitions are themed in a rough chronological order to tie in with the lecture topics of the course. For each exhibition, a resource listing of relevant items to be found in Glasgow University Library is provided and a selection of digitised images from the books is displayed whenever possible. References are mostly to material kept in Special Collections, although in some cases there are also references to items located in stack and on the open shelves (this is especially the case for the later exhibitions). Students should also be advised that official reports of the exhibitions can provide a wealth of detailed background information; these may be published as Parliamentary Papers and can be traced via indexes found in the Maps, Official Publications and Statistics Unit on Level 7.

See also the International Exhibitions Visual Library mounted by the History of Art Department.


Students are encouraged to visit Special Collections to consult this material in person. For further advice about using the collections, please contact Julie Gardham.


Design, Politics and Commerce pages originally created April 2002; updated January 2004.

the image displayed here shows the cover of A Penny Guide to the International Exhibition, London 1862 (BG57-c.16)