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Project Team

Photo: Dr Rhett Gayle

Dr Rhett Gayle, BA, PhD (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Rhett teaches philosophy at the University of Colorado, Boulder, while residing in Scotland. He is currently teaching classes online. His research interests include: philosophy and psychology, especially the philosophical import of various areas of cognitive neuroscience; philosophy and education; methods of cognitive enhancement (such as mind mapping); as well as political philosophy, focusing on issues related to the emergence of a planetary civilization.

Email: Rhett.Gayle@colorado.edu

Photo: Dr Victoria Harrison

Dr Victoria Harrison BA, PhD (University of London)

Victoria is based in the Philosophy Department at the University of Glasgow, where she specialises in the philosophy of religion, ethics and Asian philosophies. Her publications include The Apologetic Value of Human Holiness (2000) and Religion and Modern Thought (2007). The application of new internet-based technology to teaching and learning philosophy is one of her research interests.

Email: V.Harrison@philosophy.arts.gla.ac.uk

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