Student support

The Students' Representative Council (SRC)

Care Leavers‌Situated in the John McIntyre Building, beside the University Main Gate, the Advice Centre is open to all students with any welfare problems. The SRC employs four professional and experienced advice workers who are trained to deal with all aspects of financial, academic, accommodation and benefit advice.

Advice Centre Open Hours
Monday - Friday 11:30am – 4pm
SRC Contact Details
SRC Telephone 0141 330 5360
SRC Website

Overseas Student Welfare

The University's Student Recruitment & Admissions Service provides a welfare service to assist overseas students during their period of study here.

The International Student Advisor is able to help students with the practical aspects of living and studying in Glasgow. They also liaise with other individuals and organisations with similar aims. They are able to advise on problems associated with accommodation, police registration, banking matters, school enrolment etc.

The aim of the service is to give a sympathetic, confidential and practical service as quickly as possible.

International Student Advisors
Location Fraser Building
Website International student support

Safer Student

Glasgow is a safe city to live, socialise and study in however like any large city crimes do occur that can be upsetting if they happen to you. Safer Student is a website designed to raise awareness in relation to personal safety issues and general methods of crime prevention.

The contributions appearing on the website are from students and representatives from C.A.P.E.E. ( Crime Awareness Panel for Educational Establishments), including Strathclyde Police.