Travel directions to Winton Drive by air



Glasgow Airport (0141 887 1111)

  • Glasgow Airport is approximately seven miles from the University of Glasgow and Winton Drive. An airport bus service (no.905) runs approximately 6 times per hour to Buchanan Bus Station in the city centre. The service runs from 0630 to 2400 hours, Monday to Friday and on Sundays, and from 0600 to 2400 hours on Saturdays. For further information regarding this service telephone 08705 505050. Alternatively, a taxi will cost in the region of £15 – £18 but will take you directly to your destination. Although this is a fairly expensive option, it is usually the best choice if it is your first visit to Glasgow and you have a lot of luggage.




Prestwick Airport (01292 479 822)

  • Prestwick Airport is a 45 minute train journey from the city centre. Trains run approximately every 30mins from the Airport to Glasgow Central Station in the city centre. For more information on train times and prices telephone 08457 484950.