WP Postgraduate Tutors

Top-Up, Reach and Early Secondary Programmes

  • Interested in a worthwhile part-time job with excellent pay and benefits?
  • Want to work with school learners from S1-S6 in the west of Scotland in schools and on the university campus?
  • Like to enhance your skills and CV with valuable teaching experience?

Apply online between June and August each year

Starting late June every year, we recruit motivated, dynamic WP Postgraduate Tutors to work in schools on a part-time basis September - June. Hours vary from week to week and the main qualities required are generic since no subject specific input is required. A commitment to widening access is essential and experience of tutoring is preferred.

About the programmes 

The Top-Up Programme aims to facilitate progression to higher education for pupils from areas of low-participation, to make pupils aware of higher education as a real possibility, and to increase pupils' confidence in themselves and their abilities to succeed. The focus of the Programme is to familiarise S5-S6 pupils with the key requirements of a higher education course of study, e.g., preparing for a lecture, participating in a seminar, completing a written assignment. At the same time, we aim to equip pupils with essential learning skills for higher education, such as critical thinking and active learning.

The Reach Programme aims to increase the numbers of applicants and entrants from areas of low participation on Professional Degree courses.  Reach works with S4-S6 pupils, introducing them to these subject areas and preparing them for application.

The Early Secondary Programme works with S1-S3 pupils, raising awareness of and aspirations to study in Higher Education after school, and the career options it can provide. Pupils are encouraged to assess their skills and strengths and to make informed subject choices that keep all their options open.