Supporting care leavers

‌We welcome and actively support applications from those with experience of care.

If you are leaving care or have previously spent time in care and are thinking of applying to us, there is a range of support and provision that we can offer you. This could include an adjusted offer of entry, year round accommodation, and a Care Leaver Bursary.  You will also receive tailored advice and support from our Care Leaver Support Coordinator.

Remember, if applying through UCAS, you should tick the box which asks if you have been in care. This will only be used in a positive way, to allow us to provide you with extra support and guidance. If you don’t tick the box, we don’t know your circumstances so you may miss out.

Accommodation support

We recognise that accommodation can be particularly important for those who are leaving care.

We endeavour to offer all care leavers 365 day a year accommodation for the duration of their studies. If applying for accommodation remember to indicate that you are a care leaver in the 'Additional Information (All Students)' section.

Your local authority may also be able to help you meet some or all of your accommodation costs whilst you are in full time education.

Financial support

Those with experience of care who are starting at the University should make sure to apply for one of our Care Leaver Bursaries. These bursaries provide £1,000 for each year of your degree programme.

Other financial support may also be available through the University's HEI Discretionary & Childcare Fundas well as a variety of other scholarships and educational loans which you can find out about on our student finance pages.

As previously, indicate that you are a care leaver on the application form.

 For more information about the support we can offer, contact Dan, our Care Leaver Support Coordinator.

You should speak to your keyworker, social worker or aftercare team about what support your local authority could provide. Some local authorities will offer support for you whilst you’re in full time education, up until the age of 25.  Ask to see a copy of their policy on the provision of financial support for care leavers.