Early Secondary Programme

Early Secondary Programme

Are you in S1 – S3 and not started to think about what you want to do, or know what happens at a college or university?

Well if your school takes part, you could benefit from our Early Secondary Programme (ESP). Depending on the school you attend, there could be an in-school session for your year group in every school year from S1 to S3

Please contact Monika to find out more or email rio-esp@glasgow.ac.uk

By the time you start S4, you will hopefully have a better idea of what you want to do, will have chosen a good mix of subjects and be able to progress onto Senior Phase pre-entry programmes such as Reach, an Access to a Career programme, Top-Up or Summer School.

ESP will help you to discover:


  • Who you are and what you like to do
  • What is a university and college
  • Why continue in education
  • Who went to university
  • Why go to university and college
  • Is university or college for you
  • Start your FOCUS Point profile


  • Identify your in-school and extra-curricular activities
  • Discover what soft-skills are and why they are they important
  • Explore “a day in the life of”
  • Look at case studies
  • Add to your FOCUS Point profile


  • What are University subject groupings
  • How your school subjects, jobs and careers relate
  • What are subject requirements
  • How to choose a relevant spread of subjects
  • Making your subject choices
  • Further develop your FOCUS Point profile