Supporting aspiration in school

‌We know that you aspire to be the best you can be and achieve a productive and rewarding career; we can help you get there

University isn’t the only option of course; depending on what you enjoy or are interested in, a college course or apprenticeship might be the right route for you.  Regardless, we encourage you to start thinking about your interests, goals and choices as early as possible.

We have online, in-school and on-campus options for you to explore, enjoy and benefit from.

Your school may take part in our Early Secondary Programme or Taster Week activity.  Alternatively FOCUS West’s FOCUS Point website is available to all and is a really useful online tool for you, your parents / carers and teachers. 

Find out how we support your application to University in Supporting Access to General Subjects or Supporting Access to Professional Subjects.

All of our earlier year school programmes during the General Phase (S1-S3) of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) will prepare you to progress on to one or more of our Senior Phase (S4-S6) programmes.