Supporting adult learners

‌As well as having pre-entry programmes into every academic area of the University for school pupils, we also have access routes into each of our four Colleges for adult learners. 

We recognise that it is not possible for everyone to progress to University straight from school when they are 17 or 18. Regardless of the reason, we are delighted you are thinking about it now and can offer you a range of options and routes into the University of Glasgow.

Adult learners represent about 1/3 of all our current students so if you do start a degree here at Glasgow, you won’t be the only one balancing study with paying a mortgage, looking after the kids, working, or one of the many other balls you are no doubt juggling!

Once you start, our Adult Learners' Network provides peer support, advice and encouragement from our existing adult students.

Rest assured, you will have access to a wide and diverse range of support to help you continue and succeed so to find out how we can help you prepare for and gain entry, read about our Open Studies Access Courses, the Scottish Wider Access Programme or Other routes from College.