Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Applying to the University of Glasgow

What is Study Abroad and exchange? Erasmus+?

Please visit:Exchange definitions 

Do I need English Language Certification?

Study Abroad students

Please see the section 'English Language plus Study Abroad programme' on the Study Abroad page.


AllErasmus applicants are required, as part of their application, to provide evidence that they are proficient in English to a minimum CEFR B2 level.

For full details >> Erasmus+ language requirements

How to apply? What are the application deadlines?

There are two different application processes depending on which programme you are applying for:

  1. Study Abroad and international exchanges: how to apply
  2. Erasmus+ exchange: how to apply.

Information on application deadlines and semester dates.

When will I find out that I've been admitted to Glasgow?

Study Abroad and Exchange

Semester 1 and Year-Long applications will be processed from mid-March onwards. Applicants are advised to apply as early as possible as applications are worked through on a chronological basis. All Semester 1 and Year-long applicants will be made aware of the decision by 30 May.  Due to the volume of applications received we cannot comment on application decisions before this date.  

Semester 2 applications begin to be processed early October. All applicants will be made aware of the decision by 30 November. Due to the volume of applications received we cannot comment on application decisions before this date.  


We will notify you by e-mail once your application has been reviewed; you are not accepted until you receive an e-mail confirming this from us. Application decisions should normally be made within 6 weeks of applying. Applications that are not complete or do not provide all the required documents will be delayed.

What are the visa requirements? Extending stay?

Visa information changes frequently so we recommend that you check the International Student Support and Visas pages for the latest information.

Do I need a visa to study at Glasgow?

All students who are not UK or Irish nationals are required to obtain immigration permission to study at the University of Glasgow. The International Student Support and Visas pages includes helpful information and links.

If I arrive in Glasgow without a visa will I be allowed to study at the University of Glasgow?

No. If you do not have a valid Visitor or Student visa you will not be permitted to study.

Can I travel through Dublin and apply for a Student Visitor Visa when I arrive in Glasgow?

No. IMPORTANT - If you intend to travel to the UK via Dublin or any other airports in the Republic of Ireland you will not pass through any UK immigration point and will therefore not be able to obtain Leave to Enter as a student visitor on arrival.  Therefore you must apply for Entry Clearance before leaving your own country even if your course is for less than six months. This means you will need to apply for a Visitor Visa or Student Visa before you travel if you wish to travel through Dublin.

Can I extend my stay in Glasgow?

No. Unfortunately, even if you decide you like Glasgow once you are here and want to stay longer, we will be unable to extend your studies here. It is therefore vital that you think carefully about the period of time you want to spend here, and enter the correct details on your application form. 


What are the orientation, arrival and term dates?


All students are expected to arrive in Glasgow for the start of Orientation.

Our orientation programme provides important information before the start of each academic semester and is an excellent introduction to the university and to Glasgow. You will find out all you need to know about your academic study with us as well as practical information about life in Glasgow and Scotland in general. Full pre-arrival guidance and advice is given on acceptance to the programme. You can find more information at Orientation & arrival.

During this period you will finalise your courseload as needed, have contact with the relevant subject co-ordinator(s) and academic adviser. Upon registration you will be allocated an email address. Upon arrival in Glasgow you will be able to use our computing facilities and internet access. However, until you have fully registered and obtained your student card, you will not have access to the library or sports facilities.

When do classes start? When are exams over? When are vacations?

Please see the University of Glasgow academic calendar for links to session dates.

Do you offer English as a Foreign Language courses?

Our language centre offers a number of in-session and credit bearing options, and you can find further information on these on the English as a Foreign Language Unit.  If you are interested in taking either English courses or Modern Foreign Languages (beginners language courses), please make sure that you list them on your application form when choosing courses.

Can I get a University of Glasgow degree?

No, you are a visiting student. You have not been accepted to a degree programme and will not receive a University of Glasgow degree.

There is only one very specific exception to this (selected students from the University of Glasgow/University of Bologna Double Degree programme in Statistics).

Do I have to take exams?

You have to participate fully in your courses; this means writing essays, taking exams. If in special circumstances you are not able to take part in the exams you should notify your adviser of studies as early as possible. For more information: Teaching style, assessment and credits

When will I get a transcript of records?

Registry and Visiting Students team will automatically send a transcript of records to your home university after you have finished your period of study at the University of Glasgow and all your exam results are recorded.

It is therefore very important you check your record towards the end of your studies here to ensure all your courses are correct. 

Living in Glasgow

What is it like to live in Glasgow?

Visit our campus life section and Student Life to find out more about in Glasgow.

What is the cost of living in Glasgow?

Our International Student Support, Living in the UK pages contain up-to-date information on all aspects of living in the UK including money; work; wellbeing and driving. While individual situations are, of course, different, there is also a good approximate idea of the cost of living in Glasgow. 

Can I open a bank account in Glasgow?

Yes. The bank will ask you for a letter proving you are a student of the University of Glasgow, the request for the bank letter can be completed online. For details on how to do this please visit the International Student Support's Banking page. Here you will find further information, including a comparison chart of area banks and other information.

However, if you are staying in Glasgow less than six months it is unlikely you will be able to open a bank account here. We advise you to bring a credit card.

Will I get accommodation at the University?

Once accepted, you may apply for a place in university residences. Please note that availability is very limited for Erasmus students and normally is only available to full year applicants.

For further information on accommodation: Student life