Erasmus+ International Credit mobility

The Erasmus+ International Credit mobility programme is available to undergraduate students currently registered at one of our participating ICM exchange partners worldwide who wish to come to the University of Glasgow. Successful candidates will be eligible for a grant to contribute to their travelling and living expenses. 

What is the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility scheme?

For over 30 years, the European Union has funded the Erasmus programme, which has enabled over three million European students to spend part of their studies at a partner higher education institution in another Erasmus programme country (in the EU, EEA or Turkey). The Erasmus+ programme now opens up these opportunities to students from other parts of the world.

It also supports the mobility of staff (teaching or training). For more information, please see Erasmus+ FAQ


Who are the partners and who can participate?

Opportunities for postgraduate students

There are opportunities for undergraduate students who are currently registered at one of our participating ICM exchange partners.

Travel will only be approved subject to risk assessment in line with FCDO travel advice

Bosnia and Herzegovina




  • University of Nairobi




South Africa



Who can participate?

  • Candidates can study any subject and must be proficient in English to a CEFR B2 level. See Language requirements.
  • The exchange should be approved by the home institution and recognised as part of the participant’s degree.
  • Candidates will be selected by their home institution on the basis of academic merit and overall motivation.

What funding is available?

Travel and subsistence allowance:

  • No tuition fees apply as per the Erasmus+ charter. 
  • The travel allowance is a flat rate amount based on the distance between the sending and receiving institution.
  • The subsistence allowance is based on the number of months and days spent at the University of Glasgow.
  • The Erasmus+ grant is a contribution to participants' costs of studying abroad and may not cover all their expenses. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have enough funding to cover accommodation, travel, visa, insurance, living costs.
  • Erasmus+ funding is not equivalent to full financial sponsorship for UKVI immigration purposes; participants need to meet UKVI requirements when applying for their visas and show that they have sufficient funding in addition to the Erasmus+ grant.
  • No tuition fee apply as per the Erasmus+ charter. 


  • Funding is for a maximum of 10 months and 5 days. Check available duration with your Institution.
  • Participants must complete at least 3 full months to qualify for funding.

Note: Candidates will be liable to repay their grant should they decide to withdraw from the programme before departure, or to curtail the duration of their exchange. 

Participant from Travel Allowance Subsistence Allowance Minimum Duration Maximum Duration
India, Malaysia, Thailand €1100 €850/month 3 months 10 Months & 5 days
Kazakhstan, Palestine €820 €850/month 3 months 10 Months & 5 days

What is the application process?

  • Candidates must apply first to their home institution. They will have information on the application and selection process.
  • You will need to to meet the University of Glasgow’s language requirements
  • PhD candidates who wish to conduct full-time research must identify an academic mentor at Glasgow in order to be accepted.  Links to department webpages and staff within the departments can be found online at: 
  • Selected candidates will be nominated by their home institution to the University of Glasgow’s Visiting Students team and will be sent a link and invited to submit an application via the University of Glasgow’s online portal.