Writing the city (online)

A creative writing workshop on urban landscapes and the literary flâneur/flâneuse

A practical, one-week creative writing course that enables you to develop your own original literary work in response to the urban environment.

We contextualise the writer in the city by examining such concepts as the literary flâneuse as urban explorer and the poetics of place, as well as exploring some of the narratives of the built environment and the ways in which the wild takes root in the city.

It is a chance to learn about the wider context of urban and experimental writing through seminars, workshops and the production of literary non-fiction, fiction, poetry or hybrid work.

What you will learn

This course aims to:

  • Identify the concept of urban literature through reference to specific texts, authors and theories
  • Examine genres employed in urban writing e.g. memoir, experimental writing, poetry, hybrid forms
  • Develop the practical skills of close reading and workshop critique of creative works in progress.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe and analyse the role of place in informing literature relating to the urban environment
  • Compose high quality original creative work
  • Critique samples of creative work through close reading and discussion.

Teaching pattern

The course is taught in one week, with assessment being due in one week after course completion. In the taught week, there will be:

  • 5 one-hour seminars
  • 5 two-hours workshops
  • 1 half-hour, one-to-one tutorial.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements

International applicants from another higher education institution should have a GPA of at least 3.0 and a proficiency in English (for example, IELTS level 6 with a score of no lower than 5.5 in any subtest).

Other English language qualifications and applicants from other backgrounds may be accepted – please contact us (internationalsummerschools@glasgow.ac.uk) to discuss further.