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Extend your summer study

- combine Functional Anatomy with Bioscience or Essential Genetics

Our Summer School offers you the opportunity to study life science courses in a variety of ways, either as stand-alone courses or together with another complementary course: 

CourseCourse CostStart DateFinish DateCredits
Functional Anatomy £4000 19.06.2019 19.07.2019 15
Bioscience for Global Disease  £4000  17.07.2019 16.08.2019 15
Essential Genetics £4000 17.07.2019 16.08.2019 15
Functional Anatomy with Bioscience for Global Disease £6000 19.06.2019 16.08.2019 30
Functional Anatomy with Essential Genetics £6000 19.06.2019 16.08.2019 30

 Applications are now open, visit the course pages above right for the online application link.