Helping young people achieve


Vivien's ambition

Children in care are sadly often viewed as disadvantaged with limited opportunities after leaving the system. My goal as a future world changer is to challenge the stigma surrounding young people in care and be a positive role model.   

I spent a brief period of my life in the care system as a child and would like to use my experience in a positive way by offering support and guidance to those who may need it. My interest in the care system has led me to become involved with Children Hearings Scotland with the hope to improve the lives of young people all over Scotland. I would never have foreseen that as a child sitting on one side of the Children hearing panel, that one day I would be on the other.  

While the transition from care can be an unsettling time - I now have a young family and have started my legal journey at University with big plans for the future. This is something I could not have imagined was remotely possible just a few years ago.  

The first step I am going to take towards achieving my ambition is to go out into the community and speak with children and young people within their setting to offer advice and support. I plan to collate children’s views and help them to take steps towards reaching their goals.  

Generally, the outcomes for children who have been through the care system are poor. I encourage people to be more open minded, set stereotypes aside and give care leavers a chance - everyone deserves a fair shot at life. I'm here to help make that happen.