Aid the integration of asylum seekers

Sarah's ambition

My aim as a Future World Changer is to aid the assimilation and integration of asylum seekers and refugees in a way that is respective of cultural and personal identity. So much of the dialogue surrounding refugee communities is steeped in statistics and faceless policy. We don’t talk enough about what it means to be a displaced person on an emotional or personal level. Much of our media and many of our politicians strive to render refugees and asylum seekers a voiceless, anonymous ‘other.’ The combination of these factors has led to a lack of empathy on the part of Britons and a lack of visibility for our new countrymen. This is inhumane by any standards and, frankly, absurd in a nation that is built on emigration and immigration.

Therefore, as a Future World Changer I will be working with several grassroots projects in the Glasgow area throughout the year to provide practical help and relief whilst also studying for a career that will affect long term change. Because I believe if you can change the future for just one person, you’ve already changed the world!

Sarah's progress