Rachel Krofcheck

Treating immigrants with dignity

Rachel's ambition

I recently worked for two years in a self-started immigrant resource ministry in rural Pennsylvania. This project began with a cell phone and a basement office and eventually grew into a community advocacy program much larger than I ever anticipated. I learned first-hand the stories of courageous parents who risked everything to give their children a better life, and teenagers who were struggling to attend university because they were brought into the country “illegally” as children. 

As I built a network of clients, advocates and allies, I knew that I needed to undergo more personal formation in order to fully realize my dream of shaping my community into a more inclusive environment. This revelation is what pushed me to return to school, specifically Glasgow, and to take the next step towards becoming a more effective advocate and ally.

After completing my degree I hope to work on shaping common sense policy that treats immigrants with the dignity and care that all human beings deserve, and to continue advocating at the local level for community building rather than dividing.

Rachel's progress