UofG World Changer Moa Schafer



Using knowledge gained from her university classes, she set up her own marketing strategy, created a photography campaign and managed to meet her target in just over a week. This inspired her to double the size of her goal. In the end, she raised a total of £2,296.89.

MoaThe money raised was donated to Worldwide Cancer Research, which is a charity that provides grants to cancer scientists all over the world, including University of Glasgow’s Dr Carl Goodyear's research targeting bone disease in myeloma.

“I know too many individuals, families, friends, students, and educators whose lives have been affected by cancer. Cancer doesn’t stop at borders: so nor should research. I may not be a cancer researcher myself, but I won’t let that stop me from supporting scientists who are working to end this disease.

I am quite a visual person, so I thought that if I was going to run a campaign, it should be appealing and stick in people’s minds. I started by setting up a mini studio in my own room and brainstorming different ideas. Then using Photoshop along with some props I tried to establish a brand that would run through everything that I was doing. These were things I’d been learning about in my business and psychology classes – strategies of how to make things stand out and make them more memorable.

After I posted the first announcement, the response I got was overwhelming. People who I hadn’t spoken to for years were sending me messages and donations. It really touched my heart.

I try to get as involved as I can with projects that can make a positive impact in this world. As Project Manager of TEDxUniversityofGlasgow for instance, I work to provide a platform for world changers to spread ideas, spark discussions and catalyse change. And as President of UNICEF On Campus, I try to think of innovative ways to raise funds and awareness for children’s rights, as well as to inspire others to do the same.

Moa with her team

Understanding both ourselves and others, as well as how to work together successfully, is in my opinion, key when trying to improve society. Through studying management, psychology and sociology at the University of Glasgow, I get the chance to learn about this and how individuals think, behave, and interact every day.

Studying the principles of effective team management, learning about social interactions and change, and examining the role of gender and culture in society - I hope to bring all of this material with me as I enter the workplace with the aspiration of changing the world for the better. I feel privileged to be able to think of myself as a lifelong learner – always looking for the next adventure and challenge.”‌

World Changer Moa